Becoming a Walmart Manager

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Stillsmiling in Kingsland, Georgia

23 months ago

My son completed his bachelors degree in May. Went to a job fair and entered into a training program with Walmart. It is very intense and yes, to move up, you need a degree and willing to move around to whereever they want you. Lots of long hours. He loves it.

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Unloader/inventory associate in Dekalb, Illinois

19 months ago

If you have a 4 year degree DO NOT accept a job at the bottom with WalMart. They will treat you as if you never had a degree and work you as if you were one of the regular dummies. I know. I took anything and thought they would recognize my degree and experience in time. They do not. They recognize their friends and promote them. You end up working for someone with no leadership talent whatsoever. They walk around texting all day while you do the work. Walmart is not a good company to work for. I wish I had the scoop on them before I wasted 8 months hoping they would help me up the ladder.

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jade in Palestine, Texas

17 months ago

8 months thats not even long enough to see any incentives... which there are A LOT working for a multi billion dollar company that pays $$$$ to managers and 70% started at the bottom. I also know of managers that have 4 year degrees that get hired pretty quickly...actually not a bad company at all to work for I must say..I can think of a lot worse!

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jeffwdavis90 in Columbia, South Carolina

16 months ago

I just recently started back working for "Wally World". Becoming a manager at WalMart is easy. I worked there a year and a half before I left. They begged me to come back in my same position as a Service Desk Associate. Now only a month later they had me take the Leadership Assessment which is a test that would qualify me for a position in management such as a CSM(Customer Service Manager) or Various Department Manager positions. Its very easy you just have to go in and know what you are doing and actually do the work.

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dcrespo216 in Allentown, Pennsylvania

16 months ago

Some people had badSuperviseth Walmart and some people just excel quickly. I believe you should just start from the bottom working hard and giving it your all. I got hired in late March 2013 as a regular unloader. Less then 2 months later I became a ICS at Walmart. Inventory Control Supervisor. And for people who are trashing Walmart, you must have been a crappy worker because I knew no one at all. I was no ones friend. They just saw how ambitious I was. And in 6 months I'm going for the assistant manager position. Great company just hard work. No room for slackers.

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T 980 in Red Bluff, California

12 months ago

I have made it known to just about every single manager in the store that I want to move up within the company as fast as possible. I've been attempting to work with a department manager or a ZMS to gain some experience but since our hours are under a microscope from the home office I haven't been able to gain an extra day to do so.

My manager over me has been very supportive of me wanting to move up and has been on me about doing things in a certain and efficient way. I take everything he says and use it to try and better myself. My goal right now is to land a department manager job in two years or less. With our supercenter opening in 2015 and more management positions coming open, I want to be at the top of their list when determining who to hire.

I can see why people hate Walmart so much. Within my own store people always (female dog) and complain about every little thing, even the ones that get the chance to move up and take it. They are just never satisfied and it makes me sick. I'm currently working part time, just got my first evaluation and raise (40 cents), and being a single father but I've been nothing but a hard worker. Any time I have a problem i take it up with a manager. I'm not perfect but I always give it my all, even under a fake smile if I have to.

Bottom line, if you hate Walmart, get another job. Our store has good management compared to other stores but yet some remain unsatisfied, full time and making good money (for my home town, anyways).

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dee in Perkins, Oklahoma

12 months ago

For the record you do not need a college degree to enter the AM program. I have been at Walmart for almost a year and a half and am currently IMS supervisor. I am entering the AM program next month and have no degree. Maybe an outsider coming in it would help but it is absolutely not a requirement.

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Jerrod Smodeed in Tennessee

10 months ago

I needed a job so I applied for Christmas temp help at walmart. A far cry from the old days where I was a high priced manager in the finance world. The day before this interview I see assistant manager trainee positions. They call me to interview the day I interviewed for the Christmas help. I then interview for the assistant manager trainee position. I know its not the greatest to accept this Christmas help job but I NEED money and I do hope it does not hurt my chances. Personnel manager felt it would help me. I do not know. I was under the impression that I would hear by now but no calls on the assistant manager program which does not start up until the first of the year. BTW the interview for the mgr position went well. Any thoughts?

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