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wallyworld hater in Seattle, Washington

61 months ago

I have worked for Walmart for 8yrs.I am constantly being told how great of a worker I am and how i should consider moving up,but when it comes time to get promoted ,I am always being passed up for someone who hasn't been working there as long as me. For some reason at my Walmart, management likes to promote people that dont work.Me and co workers always joke about how we should stop working so hard and maybe we will get a promotion.For example there is this guy that is a horrible stocker.Its a well known fact,even by management.The whole store jokes about how he walks around for 6hrs and stocks for two.One day he decides to actually do his job for a change and management fawns over his hard work.He is actually offered a promotion.This is the shiz im dealing with.Its like an abusesive boyfriend,no matter how much i talk about it,i cant leave.

thanks for listening.

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Chad in Corbin, Kentucky

44 months ago

Just a suggestion but try going to your supervisor and/or HR and telling them that you are very interested in moving up, that you would like to be considered next time something comes up, and ask what you need to be doing to make that happen. DO NOT be negative and complain about others getting promotions. Just talk to them, letting them know that you have worked there for many years and have done good work and that you would like to move up. Maybe they don't realize that you are seriously interested in moving up.

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xnmmi in Lancaster, California

44 months ago

Unless Wal*Mart employees organize and become union members, this situation that happens in every Wal*Mart store everywhere will not change. You have several choices it would seem: You have dealt with it for 8 years, why complain now? Chads advice is about the best there is and of course you can find another job and get out of that situation.

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jeffwdavis90 in Columbia, South Carolina

35 months ago

First off you have to take the initiative and go for what you want. Nothing is ever handed out on a silver platter

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