Why does everyone HATE WalMart?

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jeffwdavis90 in Columbia, South Carolina

26 months ago

I mean I know that working for WalMart is a great challenge, but you wanted a job right? No job will ever be peaches and cream! I love my job it's challenging dealing with new things and different people daily. WalMart is what you make it out to be. If you go in there and do your work and have a positive attitude you'll be fine. Certain jobs aren't for everyone.

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T 980 in Red Bluff, California

24 months ago

From what I've seen there are many different reasons why everyone hates Walmart so much.

1. They are the largest retail company in the world, and therefore have to be "perfect".

2. People within the store just like to b***h about everything. Heaven forbid they do their job or what management asks them to do.

3. They think they are too good for retail work.

4. Nobody likes the positive things about the company

5. They have never worked at a job where it had worse conditions

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promisingfuture in dallas, Texas

24 months ago

There's about a million reasons why people don't like Wal-Mart! I wouldn't work there if it was the last place on earth and they paid me 100.00 an hr! Purely white trash and disgusting...
Aside from the fact EVERYTHING in the store is the cheapest piece of crap of quality, hence the term 'you get what you pay for'.
They run every small business out of every small town.
I could go on and on. Pretty much the biggest reason I never set foot in there is due to the idiots that roam the isles!

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Weary in Murfreesboro, North Carolina

16 months ago

Like any job, it has their pros and cons. The main problem at least as far as I see is a system which although wrong stands uncontested due to fear. There are many seemingly harmless policies on paper which are absolutely detrimental to any hope of fulfillment for consumer or associate when put into practice. Just a few examples from my store, not sure if it applies to other Wal-Marts.

-an associate has to be prepared for "secondary tasks", tasks outside of their department. This gets abused severely on a regular basis. This also conflicts with the latter, which is

-an associate has set tasks to complete during the day. Good luck completing that binning assignment in the back though when your help is being auctioned throughout the store! See a conflict with that? Good, because many of our frustrations are due to these set tasks, made improbable by the aforementioned and the fact that...

-...you need keys for EVERYTHING, at all times. Keys that only certain levels have, who are rarely if ever anywhere close to where you need them at. Shopping Card Error? Key turn. Change? Key turn. Anything in the back cage? Key turn. Video games? Electronic keys. Which everything is on one key which is stuck in whatever door once used, so if you have one customer who wants a game and one who wants a laptop, be prepared to frustrate one of the two. Speaking of frustration, managers are usually frustrated with having to make key turns, a situation which unfortunately we have no control over. One of the many "lose/lose" scenarios of utilizing a plebeian system which refuses to adapt to the better good of both associate and consumer.

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John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland

16 months ago

A few years ago, I applied to WalMart and never heard a peep back. The online application process successfully weeded me out.

From my limited understanding, many of the positions at WalMart are part time and pay less than $10/hr. For a single person such as myself, part time combined with low pay simply does not "cut it". I simply can not pay my bills on even a full time position with "pay" like that. Of course it would be a further strain on a family unless one person actually earns a living wage for their area.

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