Applying to a Walgreens being built?

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demille in Queens Village, New York

18 months ago

I recently applied for the customer service representative position on the Walgreens website. The location I applied for is new, so when I received an email instructing to me to go to the store to finish my skill assessment I went the next day. When I entered the store I was greeted by the contractor who informed me that he didn't know when the store would be finished, and that no one from Walgreens was there yet. With this information I went to another Walgreens location and was able to finish the skill assessment there. A worker told me that the manager wasn't there but to call back and ask about my application. I informed her that I was applying for a different Walgreens location and asked if I was still supposed to follow up with her manager and she didn't know what I should do. I looked tonight and saw that there was a number listed for the Walgreens location I applied to so should I call the new Walgreens being built or the Walgreens where I finished my assessment?

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Paladin in South Carolina

17 months ago

Instead of calling Walgreen's, go in person. I would advise going to a nearby store presently open to speak with a manager.

Walgreen's usually opens new stores with veteran associates from other stores. Starting new stores on the right feet with associates who know how a Walgreen's store properly operates is important.

Do not rule out working at an existing location. New store openings create openings in existing stores, allows for an opportunity to get aboard, and begin your career with Walgreen's.

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Paladin in South Carolina

17 months ago

For anyone wanting to get on at Walgreen's, there are two parts to the application. The first part can be completed either in-store or out-store. The second part has to be done in-store.

If you have completed the first part of the application, move on to the second part of the application. Visit the Walgreen's store convenient to you or the store you desire to work at.

When you arrive at the store, ask the customer service associate to speak with a manager or shift leader on duty. The manager or shift leader who responds, whoever is higher ranking, is who you need to speak to.

Inform the manager you notice a new store under construction, have interest in working at that location, and have completed the first part of the application. He or she will likely allow you to complete the second part of the application. Allow time for yourself for this part. Ask him or her questions in immediate openings at the existing store or elsewhere, what experience Walgreen's seek in specific positions, etc.

Do not be afraid to visit other stores and ask them similar questions. They may have critical openings that your preferred store does not have at the time.

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