Walgreens criminal background check

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needajob27 in Kingston, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

I recently applied to Walgreens and was given a conditional hire-I passed all the assessments and the drug test. I am now waiting on the results of my background check. i submitted to it 4 days ago, but have not heard anything yet. Is there any Walgreens managers on here who can tell me what they are looking for? I have never been charged or convicted of a felony. However; I do have a misdeamenor charge on my record from a year and a half ago for child endangerment. It sounds worse than it is. My babysitter was watching my 5 month old and she fell off the couch. She had to take her to the er and because she was not 16 (the babysitter was 15) I got charged with child endangerment. It could have happened to anyone and I was unaware they changed the law cause you used to only have to be 13! Anyway I am worried this is going to stop them from hiring me.

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Jesse in Reedley, California

25 months ago

Hey how did it go? I'm currently in the same situation I've been waiting for the background check for more than 5days now.

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Dustin F in Bloomington, Illinois

25 months ago

How can they hire someone with a record of (for example) petty theft? Are they going to steal from the store? Some places can't afford to take that risk. However, I have also heard Walgreens doesn't hire anyone with any past or current going felonies or misdemeanors

If you applied for pharmacy tech; it will be VERY difficult for you to find a pharmacy tech job with ANYTHING on your record.
At this point in time, any job would be an asset to you. Retail especially, but anything really. Pharm techs (and almost all positions) have to operate a cash register (usually) and assist customers, so any job will help you with your customer service skills.

If you don't get the Walgreens job, keep applying . . .anywhere! One of my fellow managers worked at a gas station before she was hired with my company, another worked at a dry-cleaning store.

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