A Year In Review... from MGT to EXA

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oldfart in atlanta, Georgia

104 months ago

hello rookie,i have been in retail for over 35 years,manage 7 stores,own and operated 2 successful business that sold for a nice profit.according to the standards in my neck of the woods you have another year to wait to make it to exa class.now about that other company are referring to you did not shop around or you can't.as far as making friends,you lack of proper management experience tells me,"no man is an island",without those friends i suggest you update your resume.you are suffering from that i have arrived sydrome.now for your project i suggest you look at the stores report card also know as the p/l statment,their is no doubt you will find more work then you can shake a stick at.if that's perfect try your kpi's.as far as the bonus goes ,i glad to hear you love your job !!!

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lizzyd in Illinois

104 months ago

P.S. I'm not big on making friends either - especially with nonmanagement. I work with my coworkers, not my friends. We try to work as a team. We respect eachother and we are friendly. But in the end, we each have our own back's - no one else's.

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Capnroo in Tallahassee, Florida

102 months ago

When I was a mgt, I learned more from an exa in 6 months, than I did in my year and a half before hand. after my first year, I thought i was ready for asdm, I moved to a different area, and boy was I wrong. I now know I am ready after getting a kick in the ass with the right MGR, and EXA. In my area, most of the ASDM projects involve increasing red zone sales. But if your photo sales are below $400 daily, then you may want to think about that. Photo is the most profitable department in the store if it is ran correctly. If you have a high 'script count, check out your store's generic jobber. As lizzyd said, KPI's are a big step, if you can work on your bottom 5, and show increases then you are set.

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mrcorbett in Baltimore, Maryland

66 months ago

[I am pregnant and I am an assistant manager with walgreens - I was up for an EXA position and my hopes were all up to be dashed because I am pregnant - so my question is how can I train while I am on leave - rathers learn about the position so I can be ready for next year. What do I look for to study on my own time.

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rainh2o in Dacula, Georgia

39 months ago

I've been working for Walgreens over 8 years now. When I started I lived in TN. I worked my way up too Assistant manager. I even went through Walgreens BMI training for ten weeks in Birmingham Al. Four years into my employment I decided too move to Ga. I could have gone for EXA, but I thought I would get moved & settled before becoming an EXA. Well when I moved to GA my first store, In my opinion the store manager was rude, hateful, & not a very pleasant person to work with. Walgreens transferred me to another store. Had no problems there. Then I was transferred to a different store my third store. After a year there I put in for EXA. I have been denied EXA for the past four years. Its not that I'm not good, I'm the opposite. I've been told that I'm more advanced than most EXA's. My Manager told me I didn't know how to talk to people, that's the problem I had with the first store manager. Then the next year I went up for EXA past everything, but the manager wouldn't advance me. Out of the eight years I've worked with Walgreens I've never called out, never been late, & never mixed up my schedule. last year I was wrote up for the very first time for being late. All because my schedule was changed & was never told. I can not prove that my schedule was changed, but the manager did admit that, that was the schedule but I was looking at the office one not the posted one. So with that write up I could not go up for EXA once again. Over the years of being at that store the store manager has said some things like I don't deserve my title and other unprofessional slurs. I don't know what to do. Walgreens is changing now and position is no longer after the first of the year. The only thing I can do is step down with a pay cut, or quit. I'm lost and lost for words. Tired of crying because a job that I loved so much has let me down

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