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grapevine in Beckley, West Virginia

80 months ago

I have applied for the Retain Management Training with Walgreens. I completed the online application and now it say to go to a store to finish the assessment. Do I need to do this before I'm called for an interview or is that telling me that if called for an interview I will have to finish the assessment at the store? They are opening a Walgreens near me but right now, the closest one is almost an hour away. I don't want to drive over there and find out I cannot take it until they call me for an interview. Also, what is the starting pay for this position?


45 months ago

What was the end result? Did you have to go to the assessment before you got interviewed, did you get the job, and how do you like it? Playing around with the idea of doing the same.

Beth in Athens, Alabama

24 months ago

Did either of you get the RTM job? I have to take the assessment soon and was just wondering how things are going? I noticed some people said they had the interview then went to take the assessment while others took the assessment first. I guess it depends on the market...because I have to take the assessment first.

Beth in Madison, Alabama

23 months ago

I applied online and completed an assessment online as well. A few weeks later, I received an email to contact the manager to setup a time for the in store assessment. I took the assessment in the store June 10, 2013 and received an email to setup a time for the interview. My interview is June 21, 2013 at 10 am.

Beth in Athens, Alabama

21 months ago

Finally got a denial email from HR. I did the face to face interview with the community or store manager and he said I was a good candidate for the position. He also said the info would be passed on to the district manager & I should look for a call from him (district manager). However, I never received the call...just an email from HR after I sent several emails to the manager asking for a status. I'm not angry that I didn't get the job, but they could've said something sooner.

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