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What do you think - will Wall Street Services grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Wall Street Services stack up against the competition?

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Mia C in New York

90 months ago

This is the worst agency. You will know as you are filling out the application. The feeling you will have is not because of you --it is them. Incompetent and disorganized! It seems to be a small agency that makes "connections" with the big firms on Wall Street. They treat their recruits horribly. They supposedly send out checks that are just in limbo for 10 days (in my opinion they try to hold the money paid to them from the companies as long as possible before they send it to you), they don't respond to email or phone calls, and if you complain they spread negative information to anyone who will listen. Their mentality is the 'might makes right'-- take everything they can get and tread over the worker. The CEO thinks he is quite clever as he spews out the latest media talking points by sending his blog out to the mailing list.

Stack up to the competition? Don't go here unless you absolutely have no other choice. Most any other agency will treat you as if you have a value to contribute to their business. Other agencies pay more and will at least try to meet you half way.

If you do go there, don't trust anything unless it is in writing. This agency is taking advantage of the high unemployment rate and thinking that the hourly worker is under their thumb.

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Peter Laughter in New York, New York

61 months ago

Mia, first of all, we just today saw this review and had we known about it would have responded 2 and a half years ago when you wrote it. I am so sorry you had such a negative experience and am horrified that there was a delay in getting you paid. That was completely unacceptable and in no way do we mess around with people's pay. Ever. I am also very saddened that we gave you the impression that we wanted you "under our thumb." We take our role very seriously and know that we have a great opportunity in contributing to the advancement of the careers of our consultants.

All the best,
Peter Laughter

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