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gasman in Union City, New Jersey

40 months ago

how is overtime paid, over 8 hours or over 40. Is overtime calculated daily after your 8 hour shift? or is calculated after 40 hours at the end of the week? I guess overtime is time and half? when does double time and half take effect? What Union is Waste managment? One more I'm sorry, Are waste management employees paid for lunch or is your hour lunch not part of your 8 hour day? Thank You.

golfgod00 in Wichita, Kansas

40 months ago

i'm getting ready to start, but I think anything over 8hrs is time and a half. there is no double pay.......there is no union in kansas, so you will have to ask your area. and think they take a 30min lunch out of your time no matter what. I'm hoping i can avg 10hr a day.

Arlena36606 in Loganville, Georgia

26 months ago

my husband got a call from WM we need to know is the Norcross, Ga union and we have heard rumors of this location averaging only 30 hrs weekly and no indurance. can anyone confirm this?? thanks...

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