trying and trying to get a job at Wegmans

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joshhammond in Canandaigua, New York

97 months ago

My ame is Josh, i live near Rochester, in Canandaigua, NY. I have applied several times for wegmans, i applied online for an overnight position for stock and someone from Human Resourses called me and i had a phone interview. i recieved a letter in the mail saying my quilifications were impressive were unable to offer me encouragement of employment at this time. (this month i got this). i decided i should apply at my closest store to me (the paper applicaion) and put my resume in it this time (i didnt do that the other time i applied the paper way, hoping maybe the resume MIGHT help.) i also figured i put this in thursday the 24th by the time they get this applicaion reviewed and call me or however they do it, college kids will be leaving so they will need more people (by mid-late auguest.) I put in my applicaion that i have to give my current emplyer 2 weeks notice, because i work for Tops Markets. Does anyone have any advice on how else i can try and get in there? is there a good posibility i can get in even though i am working at tops right now? i applied for a cashier position becasue thats what i currently do at tops. please , advice, comments would help me, i REALLY REALLY want to work at Wegmans.

Thank you,
Josh Hammond

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Deb1 in Pennsylvania

87 months ago

Good luck my husband had two interviews so far for the new store in Collegville. Not sure how many you go through before they offer a job.....

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mylesgray in Rochester, New York

51 months ago

It's been a while. Not sure if you still want the job or not, but for anyone who stumbles on this thread... It took me 2 times at different locations to get a job offer with Wegmans. Having prior background at Tops is a major boost to the application, but the interview makes or breaks your chances. Assuming the store you're applying at has the same hiring practices as a Rochester store, it's safe to say they're not so much looking at your qualifications (though that's important too) as your mannerisms and attitude throughout the interview. The idea is to shine off as a people person, so it's important to be as positive and friendly as possible for the entire interview. They asked me if I ever worked at Wegmans before. I made a joke about working as a Department Manager at the Strong Museum Wegmans as a kid. You don't necessarily need to say that, but a joke really does break the ice in an interview.

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David in Horseheads, New York

19 months ago

I have been trying for 7 years to get into wegmans even with extensive experience and good references. I keep getting the email saying that I am not qualified and that's the end of it. What am I not qualified for? I have worked with the public for over 10 years and know how to operate several different kinds of equipment. If I am not qualified give me a reason as to why instead of nothing at all. I will keep trying and trying till it kills me.

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aziz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2 months ago

I have the same problem I've apply over ten times and the same email

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terri4 in texas, Texas

1 month ago

When I apply I keep getting a email telling I was not selected ?

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