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Updated 6 days ago

Wells Fargo Background Check - 596 Replies

I applied for a Part Time Teller position in the beginning of September of 2015. Had phone interview first week of October. Nov. 3rd had one on one...


Updated 12 days ago


[QUOTE who="Waiting still in Kannapolis, North Carolina"]Offer was rescinded due to my credit history. Good luck to anyone else.[/QUOTE] What...


Wells fargo background check

So I got arrested for shoplifting but not convicted will the wellsfargo call center still hire me

Irish vintayen

Updated 22 days ago

Interview tips - 377 Replies

Is anyone here got an email for 5thday and its a yes?thanks in advance dor whoever will answer my question


Updated 22 days ago

How long does the background check take? - 20 Replies

I went to the group interview for WF sept 23,2015 got a call from the hiring manager on 09/25/2015 for a second interview on 09/29/2015. 10/8/2015 I...

And Do

Job offer, BG check, now what?

Wells Fargo extended a job offer for CSSR, two weeks ago. I did the finger prints 1 1/2 weeks ago and I have no idea what to do next. I got a letter...


Hired, what next after BG check? Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo extended a job offer for CSSR, two weeks ago. I did the finger prints 1 1/2 weeks ago and I have no idea what to do next. I got a letter...

Teller at Wells Fargo

Updated 2 months ago

Credit Check for Wells Fargo employment - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Laurel in Jacksonville, Florida"]I recently was offered a CSSR position with Wells Fargo, but i have to pass a credit and background...


Updated 2 months ago

How long does WF take to contact you after the second interview for a teller position? - 12 Replies

My only concern is the credit check I only have a student loan and a few store credit cards that I never paid!! I'm just so scared I won't get this...


Updated 2 months ago

Financial Fitness - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="patientlywaiting in Houston, Texas"]I recently applied to Wells Fargo for a personal banker position. I went through the interview...


What is the one on one interview like with hiring manager.?

I passed the group interview now I have a one on one interview with a hiring manager in the San Bernardino Market? I'm super nervous. What should I...


Waiting for call back after group interview

Applied on August 25. Received an email the same day to complete a screening that consisted about 50 questions. After the screening I was supposed to...

Need Answer

Updated 2 months ago


[QUOTE who="Miss T in Houston, Texas"]Did my two interviews, did wonderful and now.. i recently got a call from Wells Fargo and got hired, now they...


Updated 3 months ago

How to get a job at Wells Fargo. - 91 Replies

I applied for a customer service representative 2 position. Went through two phone interviews to be sent a email from wells fargo stating that the...


Updated 3 months ago

Wells Fargo Background check - 1 Reply

Yes, based on the fingerprints, they can detect your past conviction and I understands that if there is a fraud on theft before, they might not grant...


Updated 3 months ago

Does Wells Fargo do pre-employment drug testing for Tellers? - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dave in Gilbert, Arizona"]Are there anymore updates on this? Does fingerprinting at Fist Advantage include a drug test?[/QUOTE] No...

sam b

Updated 4 months ago

Background Check - 17 Replies

I had my finger prints ran for a job here in Tennessee. I have a charge from 1992 that was expunged and it show up on the TBI and FBI background...

WF Candidate

Updated 4 months ago

Wells Fargo background check? Misdemeanor violations? - 2 Replies

Did u pass it, I'm in a similar situation for the same job.


Updated 4 months ago

I have an interview with Wells Fargo in a couple of day and I am in need of advice.... - 13 Replies

I had my group interview last week. It went well. I got word today that I was selected to proceed to a one in one in August. Just be yourself and...


Updated 4 months ago

Wells Fargo employee_filed bankruptcy_FINRA series 7 - 2 Replies

Hi Jackie, I also am a WF employee and I am filing 2 debts to discharge with WF. Did you inform them that you were filing some of their debts or...

Stressed out

Updated 4 months ago

Wells Fargo PB - 4 Replies

That would be good. It took about a week and I have old cellular bills from family members that didn't handle their bills while I was an employee so...


Updated 4 months ago

Wells Fargo credit fitness/background ck - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Patiently waiting in Houston, Texas"]I'm in the same position as you. Did you have any problems?[/QUOTE] Did you get the job with...


Updated 4 months ago

Wells Fargo Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 72 Replies

Let's be honest though, you have a supposed degree but are too lazy to type out the word "you," amongst a sea of improper spellings and abuse of the...


Getting Hired at Wells Fargo

I applied for a position at Wells Fargo and have a interview scheduled for tomorrow. I understand they do fingerprints. I have a nondisclosed...

XJ in Woodland Hills, California

Updated 7 months ago

Wells Fargo and misdemeanor DUI - 12 Replies

Hello, Does anyone know if Wells Fargo rescinds offers for PB positions if the candidate has a misdemeanor DUI from 2 years ago? Please let me...

J.M in Hartford, Connecticut

Overdue Wells Fargo Credit Card, made it past Phone Interview.

I have an overdue Wells Fargo card that is past due...I made it past the phone interview. The card is about $105 over the limit. I have been out of...

mil_T in Schenectady, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Does First Advantage drug test? - 2 Replies

Hello all, I've been offered a position doing online customer service and sales. I have completed my online background check already and have an...

Jojobeauty in Bronx, New York

Updated 8 months ago

Does Wells Fargo in the east coast conduct random drug testing for their employees?? - 1 Reply

I just the job and was wondering do they conduct random drug testing???

Mickey Manto in New York, New York

Would a Misdemeanor from 20 yrs ago cause an issue in getting hired?

Would like to apply for a teller position but worried about a misdemeanor from 20 years ago for $10 petty theft. I was 18 & worked at a restaurant...

patientlywaiting in Houston, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

How long the background check takes? I am worry about my credit - 1 Reply

I am the most honest person in the world, I have no criminal record and I am squeaky clean but I am worry about my credit. :( It started today. The...

Wells Hopeful in Sacramento, California

Updated 9 months ago

WF employment history background check? - 3 Replies

Hello, so i had my phone banker in person interview 2 days ago. Today i was called and offered the position contingent to my background check...

dottymae in Highland, California

Updated 10 months ago

Can you call first advantage about your background check for Wells Fargo - 1 Reply

Needed to see what was taking so long, I have an expungement from 23 yrs ago and my training class starts in 10 days

nafus7@verizon.net in Hemet, California

Updated 10 months ago

Need Help? I have interview questions direct from Wells Fargo! - 1 Reply

I'm going for an interview for a part-time teller position tomorrow,when they sent me confirmation of my interview date/time they sent interview...

NeedRealJob in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 10 months ago

Why does wells fargo always deny my application - 4 Replies

I out in my application for the wells fargo phone banker position everytime one comes available. Within 2 hours they send me an email saying they...

hfklvein in San Francisco, Botswana

Updated 10 months ago

Interviews - 2 Replies

I scheduled an interview for a Teller at Wells Fargo which is going to be next Monday the 8th, but the website did not specify if it was going to be...

kyle in Miami, Florida

Updated 11 months ago

Wells Fargo & Background Check (deferred judgment in IA) - 236 Replies

I have accepted a position pending a criminal background check. I did have a deferred judgment and was wondering if this will disqualify me from the...


Updated 11 months ago

broke my ankle a week before training :/ - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, im super nervous because I finally got this job after a 1 1/2 month process and i broke my ankle on Christmas (merry xmas right).......

goingcrazzzyyyyy in Minnesota

Updated 11 months ago

Securities Internship - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any information about the Wells Fargo Securities summer internship? Looking for any info at all. Drug test with the background...

wolfwolf in Canoga Park, California

Updated 11 months ago

Human Resources "policy" - 2 Replies

I am Furious at Wells Fargo.!!!!!!!!!! I am the Mother of a 23 year female old who has/had been employed by Wells Fargo since January..She recently...

Arcell Bullock in Colton, California

Updated 12 months ago

Personal Banker Training - 6 Replies

How is the training at Wells Fargo for a PB1 position? Is the training done at a training center or in the store where you will be working?

mcsmcs in Nevada, Iowa

HELP—Bad Credit Background Check—Collector 1

Help—Please I am so worried. I have a group interview tomorrow for a part-time collector 1 position. I filed for bankruptcy and it has been...

Mariahoverhere in Turlock, California

Wells Fargo background check question

I got hired for a teller position at WF. I know they do a thorough check and fingerprints, I had a misdemeanor on my record from when I was 16 (not...

Grace in Cape Coral, Florida

Updated 16 months ago

Wells Fargo Teller Training Program - 2 Replies

Hello everyone! I am a very recently hired employee of Wells Fargo. I landed a teller position and am to start training in a couple of weeks (a 9...

Cantstopwontstop in Troutville, Virginia

Updated 16 months ago

Wellsfargo Phone Banker Position - 6 Replies

So I applied for the Wellsfargo Phone Banker Position almost one month ago because I have a friend who currently works there and she stated that she...

krazybonita85 in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

Updated 17 months ago

Wells Fargo Phone Interview - 4 Replies

I just had a phone interview with Wells Fargo and I think it went really good, however, I dont get my hopes high anymore. Would like to hear some...

Ashley in Florence, South Carolina

Teller Training

Hi, I got hired a month ago and my summer classes end June 30. The HR recruiter said I could start then, I e mailed her this week for an exact date...

Ashley in Florence, South Carolina

Updated 17 months ago

Waitin - 7 Replies

How long does it take after the second interview to hear back from Wells Fargo? They said up to two weeks, but that seems like forever. I had my...

Ashley in Florence, South Carolina

Updated 18 months ago

interview email scheduler - 1 Reply

How in the world do I get an interview I've received three invites in three days I waste no time within 2secs of getting the email I go through the...


Wells Fargo background check turnaround

Hello. I've recently received an offer from WF earlier this month. The interview process was long and grueling but I made it through. Now I'm...

Ashley in Florence, South Carolina

The Phone Interview has no openings!!

Hello, I applied for a teller position for Wells Fargo and a day later I received an e-mail asking me to sign up for a phone interview time, but...

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