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jasnicole in Los Angeles, California

Updated 45 months ago

Specific interview question HELP! - 2 Replies

I am trying to prepare for a interview coming up in 2 weeks. i am going for Teller at wells fargo. If they ask me why banking? and why wells fargo?...

SB in Mount Holly, New Jersey

What is the next step after the panel interview?

This is my 4th panel interview. The first two with two Regional Managers. 3rd one with 1 Regional Manager.Last week completed my 4th panel interview...

Donya Mckey in Hemet, California

advice,questions,trying to put myself at ease,(TELLER POSITION)

i have recently applied for a Teller position at wells fargo,i applied nov 16,2010 i completed the screening and assessment,then called the number...

SB in Trenton, New Jersey

Updated 47 months ago

Completed 3 interviews for Branch Store Manager position. - 1 Reply

First interview - I have a Phone interview with HR for a Store Manger position position in Philadelphia, PA. Second interview - HR scheduled me...

Nikki in Lancaster, California

Updated 47 months ago

Wells Fargo/Wachovia Bank Personal Banker Hiring Process - 1 Reply

I am wondering what to think here. I am currently in the process of interviewing for a Personal Banker position with Wells Fargo/Wachovia Bank. I had...

Moulah in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Does Wells Fargo in the east coast conduct random drug testing for their employees??

I just the job and was wondering do they conduct random drug testing???

sambuckeye in Chandler, Arizona

Updated 48 months ago

Test at Interview - 1 Reply

Ok so I passed the phone screening and received an email. One of the things listed is that the interview will last four hours and include a test. ...

Try again in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 49 months ago

Wells Fargo Email - 1 Reply

I applied for the personal banker and phone banker position. I took the assessment for the phone banker and it said: Congratulations! You passed the...

banker in san jose in San Jose, California

Updated 49 months ago

Personal Banker 2nd Interview Tips - 8 Replies

Anyone have any inside on the 2nd interview?

J in Sparks, Nevada

Updated 50 months ago

Turnover in the Phone Bank - 4 Replies

Does anyone know how high the turnover rate is in the Wells Fargo phone bank? I have heard that it is pretty high. I am just starting training with...

TexasSBSW in Dallas, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

What's the company culture at Wells Fargo? - 6 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Wells Fargo? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

summer4me in Pennsylvania

Updated 52 months ago


I am currently in the hiring process for the WFCCC Online Support Department and only thing right now is the BAckground Check. I am already offered...

Jay Smith in Charlotte, North Carolina

Texas Job Details

Has anyone ever worked for Wells in Cypress, Texas?

lmariner44 in Lehi, Utah

Updated 53 months ago

Background Check - 4 Replies

Hi, How long does the background check that Wells Fargo runs usually take? I have been waiting about 2 weeks for a call back after they told me they...

Elen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Updated 53 months ago

I ll Help Anybody that needs help with the Interview - 15 Replies

I recently did interview with WF and they offer me a job for teller paying me 10 per hour and only 30 hours. I don't know if i should take the job or...

jcw0307 in Reno, Nevada

Getting a job while on Chexsystems

I was offered a job today as a phone banker at Wells Fargo which I accepted. I am going to submit my background check information to them tomorrow....

jcw0307 in Reno, Nevada

Dhexsystems and Wells Fargo

I was offered a job today as a phone banker at Wells Fargo which I accepted. I am going to submit my background check information to them tomorrow. ...

mandyy in San Francisco, California

Denial letter?

Hey :) I interviewed for a call center position but have yet to get another call back? Does wells send out a denial letter? Just would like to know...

mandyy in San Francisco, California

Updated 56 months ago

Background check for online banking - 3 Replies

I was recently hired at a call center for Wells Fargo online banking, and is waiting for my background check to clear. I passed both interviews and...

sunnysmom in Fernley, Nevada

wells fargo

i received an email with a confirmation # and called it i answered a few questions and was informed i would be contacted within 30 days iam wondering...

Shanti B in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 59 months ago

What to expect after phone interview? - 1 Reply

I applied for a Customer Service Rep 2 Oct 31,2009. I received a email from them Nov 30, 2009 saying for me to take an online assessment of 41...

bridges in Lehigh Acres, Florida

Updated 59 months ago

Process after group interview - 2 Replies

hey guys, i currently had a group interview last week, and have not got a call back from anyone from anyone yet, im thinking that i didnt get it...

bee kay in San Francisco, California

Updated 60 months ago

Teller and Personal Banker Interview interviews on same day! - 3 Replies

Hi everybody I am scheduled for 2 full-time positions, a Teller interview [10:30am] and Personal Banker group interview [1:30am] on the same day,...

jyu in Alameda, California

Customer Service Rep 3

I have an interview for "Customer Service Rep 3" Does anyone have some interview tips or what type of interview questions they will ask. Also, what...

eddy2009 in Tempe, Arizona

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2nd Interview with different branch manager today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had interview with one branch manager 3 weeks ago and they did my background check and everything but I didnt except the hours because it was PT so...

King Khan in San Diego, California

Updated 64 months ago

Personal Banker Interview - General age of interviewees? - 1 Reply

I will be interviewing (in a group) for a Personal Banker position shortly, and wanted to get an idea of the general age range of the interviewees,...

LA CHICK in Los Angeles, California

Updated 65 months ago

Well Fargo Presentation - 2 Replies

I completed my first interview with Wells Fargo and I am now scheduled to complete the 2nd interview which includes giving a presentation in front of...

LA CHICK in Los Angeles, California

Updated 65 months ago

Personal Banker Interview/Designing A Product - 1 Reply

I am scheduled for my 2nd interview with WF for a PB position. I am asked to design a banking product or service to "sell" to 3-4 managers, followed...

Nano in Des Moines, Iowa


I start on Monday as a Collector 1. It's servicing retail accounts. I have never done anything like this, and I'm very nervous about how competitive...

AcEXBOX in Salinas, California

Updated 65 months ago

The best way to get in with Well's - 2 Replies

Your best chance at working with Well's is by already knowing someone there to refer you in. That's what I did and now my friend who reffered me in...

AcEXBOX in Salinas, California

Updated 65 months ago

Application Problem...HELP - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a problem....I applied to Wells for a Personal Banker position back in January and recived a call back...

AcEXBOX in Salinas, California

Updated 65 months ago

Personal Bankers - 1 Reply

I'd like to hear from people who are or have been employed as a Personal Banker with Wells Fargo. I have interviewed with another banking institution...

AcEXBOX in Salinas, California

Updated 65 months ago

drug testing - 1 Reply

does anyone know if wells fargo require pre-employment drug testing in missouri? if so when is the test? after they offer you the job?

MR_z in Tennessee

Updated 68 months ago

Why does wells fargo always deny my application - 2 Replies

I out in my application for the wells fargo phone banker position everytime one comes available. Within 2 hours they send me an email saying they...

Jennifer H234 in Wyoming, Minnesota

Updated 69 months ago

Wells Fargo, Business Phone Banker Salary, MN - 3 Replies

Hi, The Business Phone Banker position is advertised at a starting salary of $12.75+ incentives (base don experience). This seems pretty low to me...

Glenn Glenn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Background Checks

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Wells Fargo looks for in terms of criminal activity while conducting background checks. I was arrested...

Rialle Rochelle in LA

Updated 69 months ago

Wells Fargo - Personal Banker... INTERVIEW HELP - 2 Replies

OK, So I applied at tons of banks, And finally Wells Fargo E-mailed me back I took the online test then I got a e-mail with a 800 Number called...

chib in Portland, Oregon

Wells Fargo Phone Number

Hello, hello! I am hoping that someone can help me! I filled out the web screening for Wells Fargo and right as I got the phone number, my browser...

hellyvin in Hayward, California

Updated 70 months ago

Hiring Process? Has it changed? - 1 Reply

Hey, I applied to a teller position online on monday, and they sent me an email saying they would send me an email within 24 hours so that I can go...

Phyllis Mangina in Witness Protection Program, Costa Rica

Updated 72 months ago

mergers - 1 Reply

Is it true that Wells will keep employees from a merger rather than laying them off?

graywulf in Sacramento, California

Updated 72 months ago

Wells Fargo internal video/broadcast group - 1 Reply

Does Wells Fargo have an internal video group or broadcast department that focuses on video for internal communications? I am a producer currently...

Charles Flynn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

Drug Tests - 2 Replies

If you don't do drugs, you shouldn't be worried about a wizz quiz. Wouldn't you like to know if the person you have handling your cash needed money...

sd-friar in San Diego, California

Updated 74 months ago

[Personal Banker 1] Interview tips - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I got a call from Wells Fargo today and was wondering if anyone can give me, some interview tips? What kind of questions will be ask...

bepanie in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Updated 75 months ago

Background Check Form - 1 Reply

Does anyone have a copy of the background check form that Wells Fargo have you sign when you go into an interview?

nagem4 in New Port Richey, Florida

Credit Manager

I interviewed today for a credit manager position and I felt like it went pretty well. The branch manager is calling me Monday to set up a second...


How do you get in touch with Personnel

I have some very interesting facts for the personnel department. How do I get in contact with someone that would like to listen to what I have to...

alpa in Plano, Texas

Wells Fargo - Mainframe Hogan interview questions

Hi All, Its nice to see all discussions here. I am also expecting, though not very sure, to get an interview call. I am a mainframe developer with...

JulieYan in Apple Valley, Minnesota

Updated 77 months ago

Wells Fargo - Apple Valley MN - salary paid & interview tips for tellers - 1 Reply

Hi! I'm about to apply for a teller position at Wells Fargo, 1)does anyone knows if they have 2 shifts? I saw on the site that it said...

Mobley in Etna, Wyoming

Wells Fargo after Acquisition

I'm interested in knowing what kind of experience you had post definitive agreement announcement but prior to being acquired, and how your experience...

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