Aggressive Sales and Working at Wells Fargo Question

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72 months ago

Applying for a Personal Banker position and wondered aggressive our their sells. The reason I ask is: I have no problem working hard, selling products to individuals and being persuasive to a point, but my personality type isn't unethical or pushy or being aggressive where you don't cater to the customers needs. After researching the company, I am unsure how well I would do if I got the position. I have never had any problems selling products and helping customers in the past, but I never had to make anyone buy something either.

I hear about quotas and how hard they are to reach and how unethical Well's Fargo wants you to be; I am unsure how realistic people are being. Would a personality type with sales characteristics such as mine make it in the Company? Do you really have to be unethical, pushy, aggressive and forcing people to buy things?

The reason I enjoy sales is because I want to help people through comprehension, knowledge, and needs- after reading all the boards about Well's Fargo, I am uncertain if I would enjoy it there. I don't have a problem with working hard, I can handle jobs with moderate to high stress, and I have no problem with selling products to people and being persuasive, but I can't force people into buying products, and I can't meet unrealistic sales quotas at the price of customer service and reality. Therefore, from a non-bitter standpoint: Would personality types like me be able to meet the sale's quotas and prosper in the company? Or do you really have to be ruthless to make it there?

Just trying to get a feel for the company and position I am applying for. Thank you everyone in advance for the feedback you offer me.

Take care,

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