What's the company culture at Wells Fargo?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Wells Fargo?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Wells Fargo?

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Former employee

90 months ago

Yes, well put! The almighty "jean day" hahahaha

From a former employee's perspective, the "jean day" is the epitome of many employee's outlook. S/he would rather wear jeans than dress professionally and make some money! Employee is right on the money. The culture could be worse, but there are way too many "jean days" and "food days" are another story altogether!

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Ken in Scottsdale, Arizona

89 months ago

HA! This actually made me laugh out loud. I couldn't help but laugh when I worked at Wells Fargo and they anounced that we "earned the opportunity to wear jeans on Friday and Saturday!" And then I would laugh harder when my co-workers would be excited about it. Oh, it was great. Nobody realizes that this is retarded, but oh well.

And don't get me started on food days! Ha, we would be forced to bring in a dish for pot lucks about once or twice a week because it's someone's birthday, or anniversary with their wife or company, or someone's kids birthday, or because sales were good, or because the branch manager wanted some free food! I swear to you, I would chow on some cake like 2 times each week! The lady in the Fry's Bakery next door loved us, I swear!! LOL, I felt like a kid in primary school getting rewarded!

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MBAgirl in Independence, Missouri

88 months ago

They are Business Casual and theres a lot of specifics to the dress code.
They used to give out Casual days every week, now even if its an event or holiday week they won't let us wear jeans. You can wear sweat shirts but can't wear sweat pants. They don't allow shorts on the weekends (what the *(&*?) :O... they don't allow those thong shoes (that goe between your toes, if they don't have a heel). They don't allow those Bermuda shorts... (dress shorts that females wear now). They don't allow shirts with any type of wording or decal on it. So basically you have to buy plain casual shirts. The bad part about the dress code where I work is that we DON'T see anyone, we just sit at our desks ALL DAY!!

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WFC prospect in San Francisco, California

69 months ago

I was wondering how mobility is within the company. I think that Wells Fargo is one of the superior companies and brands in America. If you start on the retail side as a Personal Banker are there opportunities to move to other segments? Do you limit yourself by being in a retail branch?

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AcEXBOX in Salinas, California

68 months ago

I loved it. I made the mistake to leave the company to work for HSBC. Bad idea, I got laid off a few months later. I am working to return to Wells Fargo, but it seems that Chase is being very generous to me at the moment.

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TexasSBSW in Dallas, Texas

52 months ago

Happiness in a Wells Fargo "Store" (branch) depends heavily on the District Manager and the branch-- err I mean "Store" Manager. In any revenue-driven environment like this there will be some sales pressure. Some managers treat this differently from others in how they motivate their employees. I worked for one manager who motivated us with the stupid blue jeans on Fridays, and she'd typically have a pretty decent lunch delivered for us a couple of times a month. Then, I worked for one who used more negative motivation. Formal warnings for people who don't meet their sales goals and keeping people late on various days of the week for coaching were the norm, and it did work. Although by the time I left, there were only two people in the entire branch who weren't regularly going to other job interviews. One of them was the new branch manager.

All layers of management are under some ridiculous pressure, and it gets communicated to everybody else in one way or another. Honestly, Wells doesn't pay well enough compared to industry standards to justify the sales culture. Performance incentives are quarterly, and very small compared to other retail banks.

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