Wendy's Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Wendy's?

What do you like best about working at Wendy's? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

Pookie in Amarillo, Texas

126 months ago

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Tim in Sandusky, Michigan

48 months ago

John Doe in Boerne, Texas said: There are actually different tiers of pay structures for corperate Wendy's. A,B,C, and D. Not too much difference between them tbh.

the following is for corporate stores...

District Manager avg pay in 2006 was 72748 per year
Training Store manager avg pay was 52386 per year
General Manager avg pay was 46800 per year
Co Manager avg pay was 36916 per year
Assistant Manager avg pay was 31190 per year
I have no information on corporate shifts, but I imagine they hover around 10 per hour.

The pay does not include bonus factor, which can be up to 8-12 grand per year extra depending on your position. Realistically, expect about 6 grand per year at the GM level if you always hit bonus at 100+ percent.

At the DM level, you also get a gas card, vehicle allowance, and stock options. When you start, you may get a relocation package at around 3 to 5 grand (DM and up)

DVP's can easily hit 6 figures starting out in base compensation .

For those who are waiting to get promoted:

Wendy's makes you earn every promotion you get. You will never get promoted simply because the store is lacking personnel, or at least that's been my experience.

I agree, 9.75 per hour is slight, but that certainly doesn't make them a loser, it just speaks to the inadequate pay structure at the hourly level ;)

Could i get a similar break down for the current market 7 years later on the store manager salary? Also, how big of a diffenence is it from the corporate structure to a franchise owner? I am currently the store manager of a phase 1 training store and our numbers are way off...

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