Anyone have a "warm & fuzzy" feeling about WFM?

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Sacchoromyces in Mount Vernon, Ohio

90 months ago

So, reading these forums does not give me a "warm & fuzzy" feeling, which is my personal barometer. I realize that this forum may not be completely unbiased, but where would it not be?


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rusmos jormal in tyler, Texas

80 months ago

Hey, I know how this sounds, I can say from personal experience. THis place is not the best.I work for another place now and I can say the defference is huge.So much drama @ Whole Foods . Well, give it a try and see.You may like it or hate it . They are two faced hypocrites, back stabbing snobs.. incompetant morons.I have seen good people leave in pain..nobody needs to be treated that way....Management harasses people, literally harass ...then they act like all is well.IT IS A BLOODY HOSTILE PLACE DUDE>I hope someday somebody will sue them.

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notdisgruntled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

79 months ago

People who like drama tend to find it, I'd guess that you got mixed up in it somehow???? I've observed that this stuff is the result of hanging out with your coworkers. Then comes the hooking up, then everyone finds out, etc..... It's like any other job I have had, service-industry or professional. I avoid the drama at work, keep my life separate, and I've never been happier. Remember, "Never wrestle with a pig: you'll both get dirty, and besides, he likes it." George Bernard Shaw

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notdisgruntled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

79 months ago

And to the original poster, yes, I do. It's not perfect but it is an awesome company to work for if you are smart, a hard worker, and you keep your nose clean. I'd like to see more professional development programs for exceptional team members so that the leadership is more organic, but hey, name a PERFECT place to work for that is in the retail industry....

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fatnsassy in California, California

79 months ago

Whole Foods Market in Santa Barbara just laid off numerous employees, no warning, no notice, NOTHING!

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Bubbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

52 months ago

So, there are a lot of things I can say about this place. But, let me tell you just one of many horror stories I have about this place. And, why I'll never shop there anymore and would never work there again. I was there for 4 years part time. My second year there I was laid off from my full time job. So, of course I wanted full time there. All part time to full time team members have to ask store leadership if they can switch. Most of the time the answer is no. They dn't want you interfere with their bonuses. For me I had a Assistant Team Leader that was a moran, I stood up for myself ONE day. ( just one day) And I became one of many TM's on his hit list. I tried to transfer to different stores, departments to get full time work. I tried to go on field trips that the store would give and never got the permission to go. One day he gave me a t shirt with coffee stains poured all over it and laughed about. Any contest that I entered he set me up to fail by giving my wrong information. He admitted all of this to one of my co workers who told me. I told Store Leadership and they did nothing about it. So, what is the problem there? There is way too much power given to people in Leadership, they can make up things about you if they want to keep you down, they can get you fired, prevent you for advancing and you can't defend yourself. If you want to transfer, the store/department that you want to go to will talk to your departments leadership and they can lie about you to hold you back and the only thing you can do is stay and endure or quit. And, no one will tell you what was said. You just wait to hear if you got the job which you find out when you meet the person that they hired.They don't even give you a chance to defend yourself. Also, I had my Department Team Leader lie to my face on my job dialogue so he could give my a low raise. And, the stuff he lied about I could prove were lies. I told Store Leadership, they did nothing. They use to be pro TM but not anymore.

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