Don't waste your time

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bbit in New Jersey, New Jersey

92 months ago

They build you up and build you up and then completely forget about you. I had an experience where a woman called me regarding my resume on monster. She was more excited than I was about my resume because it was a perfect fit. We scheduled an appointment and had a great interview/conversation. Again her and I were both extremely excited based on how much of a perfect fit I was. After that day, I never heard from her again and when I sent her a thank you email and then a follow-up email a week after, she still did not have the courtesy to get back to me. They are extremely unprofessional and shady!

from NYC in New York, New York

79 months ago

I had the same experience with WL. I got very frustrated and sent an email to HR managers AND the CEO - but this is a company without a heart. That recruiters are so heartless can only mean the management is equally heartless - problably no incentives to treat people with a little (un)common courtesy.

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