Williams Lea is no good

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Jillian in Columbus, Ohio

117 months ago

Sorry, buddy. I have a job. But it sure sounds like nobody wants you.

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Roddy rukus in New York, New York

116 months ago

I must agree with Jerry as well I have met with several of the agencies on the list as well. They do get you to come in and waste your time and money, and have no jobs for you I sat down with the <Personal info removed> he was impressed with my recume and skills, at the time I was working for one of the largest firms in NYC. After seating down with 2 or 3 employees I left feeling like they would really have something for me. So I waited....... Oneday I got a call from <Personal info removed>, it was from the same women I had originally received an interview appointment with. She had know idea who she was calling, she proceeded to tell me the same thing she had told me originally that they have a position in your field, I interupted her and explained that I had already been there a week ago and you told me then that you had a position. She was shocked that they made such a mistake, she cleans it up by stating to me "Oh nothing has come in yet". I was like but you just told me that you had a position for me. What if I had never spoke them, they would of had me come in and never had a available postion.

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stay in school in Irvine, California

114 months ago

Ive had no problem finding jobs. In fact, in the last years I've doubled my salary, and I'm going to get a nother 20-30% increase this month as I find another job with a higher salary. You probably have to work on your social skills, cause technical skills are easy to learn

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Edna in Chicago, Illinois

114 months ago

Jerrty Mahoney in Bronx, New York said: Williams Lea is an incompetent agency that has no work for word processors. Don't waste your time registering with them.

I worked for them for 3 months in Chicago and have to say it was hell. The managers are extremely abusive to employees. Not a day went by that I did not cringe over something said to one of my co-workers. I still deeply regret (to the point of feeling ashamed of myself) that I did not quit on my first day.

I urge anyone to think twice about coming to work for this company.

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110 months ago

Williams-Lea should not be engaged in recruiting U.S. citizens in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, because company personnel locally are not conversant with U.S. laws and ethical rules for the legal market. Also, with a foreign corporation, the profits do not remain in our country but are sent back to the home country rather than circulated in our United States economy. I do not believe in enriching the British empire, a long-standing perpetrator of human rights abuses internationally, and for the information of you conservatives, is now pulling out of UN forces in Iraq. Let them exploit some other former colony. We in the United States of America are no longer British colonies. We settled that one more than 200 years ago. In my boss's brother's town they put it on their state flag: "Sic semper tyrannis!" Go to the devil with your lousy class system, your inept national health insurance and your ridiculous royal family, you cowards, creeps, and pompous asses.

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110 months ago

Anybody from a country with an intelligence service that recruits a mole so successful he ended up "a Hero of the Soviet Union," looking like the image of George Burns with coke-bottle glasses on a stamp issued by the USSR Postal Service in the seventies, i.e., "Kim" Philby, should be ashamed of themselves for intimating that good, solid Americans might somehow fail to pass their drug screen and background check with a British company. British corporations are pompous, morally, culturally, and politically bankrupt subjects of a ridiculous royal personage. They are idiotic, backward and of no consequence in world affairs. As an American, I echo the words of my political ancestors whose White House was unceremoniously burned down in the War of 1812, by a British Empire, intent on regaining her lost colonies: "Go home, and stay home. This is not your home. Take your ill-gotten gains and go home." You just wait until we complete our investigation of BAE Systems for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the United States. BAE Systems' stock went down by 7 percent in just one day when that investigation was announced in early June. Its ownership is reportedly 33 percent held by the British government, referred to as "The Crown." Sounds like some party favor you get from Burger King? You bet it does. Ridiculous titles, pompous, obsolete, idiotic government regulation, interference and bankrupting political decisionmaking. Same old, same old, George or Liz, whatever. Hundreds of years do not a decent corporation or government make.

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110 months ago

We will take your proverbial tea and dump it in Boston Harbor. We will take your precious, stupid companies and bar them from doing business with the U.S. Department of Defense. We will take your faulty intelligence, provided, no doubt, by some Middle Eastern counterpart of the miraculous "Kim" Philby and just say, "enough," from now on. Go home. Leave Americans alone. See here, there are enough inept American temporary agencies, outsourcing firms, and various other assorted rogues without importing them from England, for God's sake. We have enough stupid home-grown blonde papparazzi bait without getting big-nosed Brits for our cameras. We don't need you. So get a cup of tea, relax, and sit by the telly and go hire some spike-haired adolescent on the dole back home and outsource him to BAE as a special liaison to some Middle Eastern government.

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110 months ago

Williams-Lea basically advertises the same four jobs over and over and over again on various job sites. Perhaps they are trolling for sensitive information from applicants for some purpose other than the stated one. British confidentiality rules differ from ours. Why don't they just give up and go home and see what miracles their wonderful economy provides? Why don't they just do something a lot easier, like outsourcing Indian slaves from the old Empire to IT companies or whatever and leave us alone? Perhaps they will be able to successfully resurrect the British Raj, but they will never, ever take the United States of America and place it as a jewel in the crown of that absurd woman whose family hails from Germany they call their "queen," as if their country were a giant beehive or perhaps a gay bordello. Williams-Lea, a corporation with the face of an American and the body of a 200 year old British ghost, the Empire.

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110 months ago

Jillian in Columbus, Ohio said: Sorry, buddy. I have a job. But it sure sounds like nobody wants you.


Do you work for Williams-Lea?

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unknown in Brooklyn, New York

20 months ago

anony in Washington, District of Columbia said: True they are an outsourcing company, but they operate the same as temporary agencies. If Williams Lea loses a contract , what do you think they do with their employees if they have no other assignments to place them into? They do not have their employees sitting around without an assigned site.

And by the way you jerks, I have a solid position and I would not put anyone down who is trying to find work. You all need to be thankful you have jobs! We are all a second from the employment line!!!

Oh yes they do have their employees sitting around. They (Williams Lea) has lost. account. All their employees have until March 1. To find a job.

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