WinCo Foods Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at WinCo Foods?

What do you like best about working at WinCo Foods? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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Booboo in Salem, Oregon

131 months ago

Their starting salaries are usually 10-15c/hr over minimum wage. There is no special bonuses for non-management team. You are legible for benefits after 90 days of work, ONLY if you have worked 100 hrs every of those 3 months. They offer health and life insurance.
I wouldn't not recommend working at Winco. B/c they make your schedule horrible, they can make you finish your shift at 1 am and you are not even allowed to park your car in the parking lot by the store (even if you finish late). It's pretty scary to walk a long way in the dark through empty parking lots to get to your car. They always make you work weekends. Holidays. Doesn't matter. All the employees start part-time. One week you may get 38 hrs, another - 15. And there is no guarantee that one day they will let you work full-time. There is absolutely no working policies in this company that somehow would protect emplyees from abuse and harassment. Yes,people, it's a sweat shop big time!

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No-1GroceryStore in Seattle, Washington

47 months ago

The health benefits are very good. The pay starts low-minimum-and raises are based on hours worked. The hours worked depends on you. How eager are you to get a raise? How available are you? Decide why you're there. Are you there for a career or to supplement family income. Then work your hours, show up on time, do your job well..and you will do fine. Ask to change departments if you don't get it the first time, do it again. ESOP is really good. Stick it out and you could retire a kidding. You don't have to let the job take over your life to do well....prove yourself. You don't get rewards handed to you @ Winco, you have to earn it.

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lmeder1988 in Burleson, Texas

40 months ago

Booboo in Salem, Oregon said: Yes,people, it's a sweat shop big time!

You're kidding me, right? Nothing in America could actually be considered a real sweat shop. Go talk to the people working overseas in warehouses and factories, see what a REAL sweat shop is like then come back. It's retail, people. You're not going to be getting all the hours unless you earn them by your work ethic if you're part-time. All places make you wait for benefits for 90 days-180 days if you're part-time. You're not going to get treated like a princess either. You have to show initiative to get more hours and overtime opportunities and better raises. That's just how jobs work. Especially in retail. I think employee's experiences also vary on location as well, I had my fair share of mistreatment at Wal-Mart, but other people at other locations have had vastly different experiences. Where I am now it's the same my previous location the job wasn't as stressful and we were treated fairly, quite the opposite where I am now. Look up reviews on the company itself, and then go to the location you're interested in if you don't know anyone that works there and ask how they're treated and if they enjoy working there.

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cpf in Queen Creek, Arizona

6 months ago

If terminated under gross misconduct at Winco Foods, can you ever be rehired in the future? one year? 5 years?

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