Jobs for international students

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mohammed ilyas in Stillwater, Oklahoma

95 months ago

I wanted to find out the companies who hire internationals in the US and what should be my approach to applying to these companies.In the past, I have applied to different positions on the company's website.Plz help

Senior Citizen in Atlanta, Georgia

95 months ago

You need to brush up on the basic culture in the US. Here, we have laws preventing such things. It is highly illegal for a company to concentrate their recruitment and hiring based on an applicant being an "international" as you call it. Your chances in this country are based on your skills for doing the job and you compete for any given job along with everybody else no matter what your race or ethnic background is.

At least that is the way it designed to work. The only way someone would hire you because you were an "international" (whatever you mean by that) would be if you spoke some language other than English and they had a need for you to communicate with their customers who also spoke that language.

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