YRC as a company

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rubberglide in Hilliard, Ohio

59 months ago

This company is on a downward spiral to nowhere. It went from the best job I ever had in the 80's to the worse job starting about 5-6 years ago when they bought roadway. Yellow was in the habit for years of buying up the competition when they could, taking away the best freight contracts and terminals they had, then sending them into extinction. (Preston for example) When they bought their biggest competitor roadway, they fully extended their credit and made the mistake of influxing all levels of roadway mangagement into their own. This was like mixing oil and water. Roadway supervisors would do things their way and play favorites with their employees, and yellow would do the same with theirs. It started destroying the company from the inside out like a cancer. Not to mention yellow gave up their up to date computer system to a smaller company they also bought (Holland) and decided to use roadway's antique system that wax probably developed in the era of "pong" games and the first home computer systems. You couldn't even assign locations to equipment in the yard and hundreds of freight customers were lost the first few months of the merger because of confusion with the old new computer system and lost freight. YRC from their own fault, claimed to be on the verge of bankruptcy, and told employees they must sacrifice to keep the company afloat. This was about the time Obama was giving bailouts to not only the banks that caused this recession, but leaders in industry like Chrysler and GM. YRC was the biggest union carrier in the world and could've asked for some of that bailout money, but to do so, they would have to open their financial books to the government. YRC has alot of overseas investments that payoff well, and are able to launder their own money by hiding it in a variety of places. This is why they didn't ask for a bailout. I'm running out of room here, comment and I'll finish what I have to say.

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