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What do you think - will grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does stack up against the competition?

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Sagitta Tellsthetruth in Las Vegas, Nevada

118 months ago


If anyone is seeking a job in internet marketing or internet sales, you may have come across jobs at is a reputable company with some decent people to work with . Howver, don't be fooled if you are hearing promises of an average salary of $75K a year. The top couple reps in the company can make that much. The truth is, most reps are really doing the job of a telemarketer. If you do not "pound the phones" and sell hard, you will not make it. Most people there are struggling just to make $40K a year.

If the managers tell you that you are not bound by rules and you can "sell to anyone" you are again being fooled. There are territories, you cannot sell to ad agencies, and if you are in Henderson, NV you cannot sell to Nevada or California (among many other states).

In this position, you have to be a stellar sales person and enjoy being on the phone all day long. You should be making at least 500 calls a day to make a decent living. The reps that make good money work their tales off and have been there for over a year.

If you are considering a job at DO NOT give up anything great that you already have. They hire every couple of months due to a high turnover and LAYOFFS. They also do not provide you with supplies. I'm serious! You get a computer, a desk and phone, stapler, and a pen and notepad.

They DO NOT have a coaching plan like they promise. I am an example. They decided to due a massive layoff in December 2007 and gave me one day to sell over a month's worth of ads or I would be fired. Even the top rep told me it was next to impossible. They conveniently fired me before my three motnh anniversary. Just two months on the floor after training. So much for a company that is different, and "cares" about their employees. You have been warned!

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The Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada

118 months ago


+ 401K

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demariosmith in Las Vegas, Nevada

117 months ago

hey real nice job

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shopgirlz in Charlotte, North Carolina

114 months ago is the exclusive provider for Microsoft's Local Properties. Of course that is the original not a play off of the name. Our network currently receives more than 125 Million searches, and our clients are actually making money with their advertising!

When you want to work with a FORTUNE 9 company, you go to

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andrechavez in Bayside, New York

101 months ago

As a matter of really does SUCK!!! hahaha...I know some people in the Phoenix office which is struggling with a 60% churn ratio...which means...more advertisers are canceling there programs than those who are keeping them...and when I say cancel, I mean quitting before the advertisers annual contract is complete. HAHAHA. So who ever you are talking a bout fortune 9 companies???? get a clue. is a brand of AT&T...Now if your talking about AT&T...well that is an ok brand...and I will say that because the Iphone rocks...but the service completely Blows out here in AZ...My Iphone gets the worst service here in AZ...I mean...droped calls, can't hear, and just sucks...thinking about moving to the blackberry. Now...back to, if your doing online marketing...why would you want to spend all your money on a laundry list...and furthermore...if your a consumer, and your turn on your computer, and click on IE Explorer, or Mozilla...why would you waste that xtra moment to go to, when you can to the same search from the first page that Google, or yahoo. Nearly every computer in amerca has google or yahoo listed as the home pages. Lastly...So, YPC does offer clicks packages...yes they bundles...can YPC determine how many of those clicks convert to phone calls or emails??? Exactly...thats why there product sucks...not to mention...when they come to visit an establishment...what they dont tell their clients is that their phone reports can be exported into excel spreadsheets. Now once those call reports are exported to excel, those call stats are fabricated to represent more calls than are really being made to the business. So, be real careful when the YPC reps come to your office showing these calls stats of grand proportions...they probably inputed the data themselves.

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