How to Put Massage Envy(R) Out of Business

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anonymous anonmous in Freehold, New Jersey

89 months ago

How to Put Massage Envy Out of Business

Remember, Massage Envy under cuts hard working massage therapists by paying half of what the going rate is. Use this strategy against Massage Envy by undercutting their franchise fees. They currently charge $50,000 to buy a Massage Envy franchise; a masssage therapist with the financial backing might be able to structure a respectable franchise that pays massage therapists half of what a massage costs by offering the franchise opportunity for $25,000.00. This may very well immediately sink Massage Envy's expansion plans. On top of that, advertise that you accept competitors coupons and memberships from massage franchises. You may need to do this for a year or two while the Massage Envy franchises that are currently open continue to pay high rents in retail locations and go out of business. Then, when they go out of business along with the other discount massage franchise chains, you can raise your prices from $40 to $60-70. Even if you never charge as low as $40, you can still put them out of business by undercutting them on franchising opportunities and you can become rich doing this. You can use the franchisees' revenue stream to survive.

Another thing we can do is form some kind of union or use an existing professional agency like ABMP or AMTA for assistance. Recruit enough massage therapists or other people to volunteer to carry picket signs on the public sidewalks that are closest to Massage Envy(R). This will scare away there customers

It is okay to help people and it is also okay to make a profit; but there is such a thing as an ethical profit. Massage Envy does not make ethical profits in my opinion. This is an example of greed. Instead of everyone making a good living, Massage Envy wants to make it all for themselves. Prevent them from cheapening the industry (as an earlier blogger wrote) and seriously consider utilizing my plan described above. Also please forward this post to at least 10 others.

PatS in North Carolina

89 months ago

Gray you did not deny your CHOp Chop business. We had one open up from us and came in secretly to recruit our Team members. This is bad business and speaks volume to their concept. I have to believe they are told in their buisness model that they pay $50K to steal employee's.

There fees and high rent will kill them

Gray Neher in Castle Pines, Colorado

89 months ago

Chop shop denied

Love Massage in San Jose, California

29 days ago

There is a new opportunity in town for massage therapists!

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We have reversed the equation that you find at most spas, chiropractors and Massage Envy salons. We pay the majority of the cost of the session to the therapist. We charge $99 for a one hour massage and $70 goes to the therapist!

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