What's the company culture at ACS?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at ACS?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at ACS?

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TX in Taylor, Texas

102 months ago

No happy hours at ACS.. everyone can't afford it, with the new pay scale they offer. The typical day is ACS is stressful.. it is a joke there! Management is horrible...pay sucks...Stay away from this place.....unless you like not making money and being treated like garbage.

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ctw in Westmoreland, New York

100 months ago

new pay scale is atrocious.

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poeno in ELKHORN CITY, Kentucky

84 months ago

does anyone have comments on acs in pikeville

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b3sweet7 in Belleville, Illinois

76 months ago

Does anyone have a comments on acs in Kennett mo

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Lifeless in FL in Ft Myers, Florida

75 months ago

I have to agree TX in Taylor, Texas. ACS sucked the life out of me. The pay is horrible. They are slave drivers. They expect you to work nights, weekends, from home, on your home PC, cell phone, etc.. and on call without being salaried at on call pay. They are brow beaters, and ruthless. Benefits are bad as well.

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Marvin in Indianapolis, Indiana

75 months ago

Is this the ACS that works with the government to collect information for Welfare and the Snap program? And what is the current payscale - do they pay by the hour? or phone call? and what if you don't have a cell phone or home Pc? Will they still hire you?

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Used2WorkThere in Raleigh, North Carolina

47 months ago

ACS in Cary, NC is the worst company I have ever worked for. They are unprofessional, managers do not know what they are doing, nor do they know how to manage. They pick and choose people they are friends with that avoid write-ups while others get thrown under the bus when you don't conform. They hire criminals and hoodrats, women who do not know what business casual means and the whole culture is one that emabarrases the local police. You are bound to see ambulance, and police officers patrolling the parking lot checking for outdated tags or unregistered vehicles. People have been known to have sex in the parking lot, mini parties where the workers congregate and blast loud music and women are actually dancing as if it is happy hour at the local club! It's atrocious and you couldn't pay me to return to work there, I would rather be on welfare. They bring in perspectibve clients by renting new televisions and furniture to make the place look more attractive, but once the clients leave it goes back to the same boring mundane raggety place. They send out emails from corporate and Ursula Burns letting you know how much profit the company has made but employees have not seenb a raise in almost 4 years!!! You cannot advance your career because you there is no room for career growth. Most units and divisions have been laid off such as training and development, and a lot of technical analyst positions have been eliminated. You are bound to see trash litered throughout the grounds as the caliber of people hired speaks for itself. Bottomline is that ACS sucks and if you can avoid it at all costs. There is no employee appreciation week which MOST companies have within a customer service environment. The company has 2 buildings and each building is treated like a seperate company with different incentives available. You are better off working at McDonald's or the local malls!!!

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Former NJ ACS Employee in New York, New York

32 months ago

I worked at the office in Newark, NJ and it was the same experience. They hired hood rats that had no idea what business causal meant. And that probably wouldn't have been a problem, but it looks as though ACS likes to put their offices in the hood. When I first started there, I thought it was going to be around the Gateway center in downtown Newark. That's where Penn Station is located. But no. It was further down the highway in Latin King and Crip territory.

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