How to get a job at Aecom.

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Do you work at Aecom? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

robin hughes in Lubbock, Texas

62 months ago

Just got hired on with AECOM was left at airports all over the place and now am in Afghanistan. Was hired for one job but am doing another job. Also, have had to move every other day to a new tent. Is this normal for any other employees? Have been with other companies all over the middle east and never had this much trouble.

robin hughes in Lubbock, Texas

59 months ago

yes have worked for AECOM. Not an american company and have the worst med and dental insurance. Everything is pay cash and file reimbursement. so far nothing including perscriptions were covered. For the jobs I have gotten overseas have all been with Have been overseas since 05 and have worked for KBR, ITT and AECOM all are about the same. You really have to just look out for yourself.

Gone Fishing in Forsyth, Georgia

59 months ago

Jacob in Bellingham, Washington said: I too am interested in aecom in afg. but I would be looking in to refrigeration and hvac.
Both trades are needed but I have not gained a good understanding of who I want to go with.
Fluor, KBR, Dynacorp or Aecom.
Any info would be great. Thanks

Right now it's not you choosing, it's not quite that easy. All of these companies have thousands of qualified applicants for every job posted, and without experience over here you end up on the bottom of pile. Each one of them has there pros and cons and a lot of opinions are made based on where he or she gets assigned. Me, I would go home before I worked at Bagram for anyone, but some people love the place. You have the first 2 listed in the right order as far as pay and Aecom is good if you are in the right field (HVAC isn't one of them). Dyn-Corp has some good AFCAP and WRM contacts, but there LOGCAP stuff sucks.

Quitting in Aurora, Colorado

59 months ago

I currently work at AECOM and the office I work at is poorly managed, lacks ingenuity, and has many engineers that have turned into wannabe politicians.

AECOM is a huge corporation that has acquired, and continues to acquire, many small engineering firms. The office I work at has not hired anyone under AECOM. All of the employees are from different companies that AECOM recently acquired. Some employees are competent, but many lack experience and practical knowledge. There is also a lot of backstabbing that goes on because of the recent merging of employees from different companies. The office I work at is a very dynamic and political. Many of the offices within my region compete for work and managers will dog pile their "favorite" employees on projects with large budgets (regardless of their experience and abilities). If you are an Engineer that likes to see a project get done from start to finish then don’t work for AECOM. If you are an aspiring politician that likes to kiss a**, bull**** for promotions, and never be productive then AECOM is for you.

Quitting in Melbourne, Australia

59 months ago

Host said: Do you work at Aecom? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Stay away from AECOM. I joined a company called Maunsell several years ago which was taken over by AECOM as part of their goal to create a heartless, global monopoly. It is interesting that backstabbing happens in Colorado too and is probably a prerequisite for a successful career path. Make no mistake, if AECOM can't buy a company they will poach its employees and do whatever it takes to smother the competition.

My "team members" were clueless incompetents who would rip off the work of others and would even cut stuff from the internet or other consultant's reports and claim that they had worked two weeks on it and charge the client accordingly. Who knows what they were really doing all day. They used to compete for work like dogs fighting for a bone to improve their billability and kiss up to the boss, regardless of whether they had the actual skills to work on the project. Sure, I just loved the satisfaction working in a company where I received no recognition or thanks for my contribution, collaboration was non-existent and where charging clients big money for two seconds of work is acceptable. All that AECOM cares about is billable hours and money, plus pretty young females.

AECOM has it all. Backstabbing, favouritism, dishonesty, lack of integrity, unfairness in promotion, competition, untrustworthiness, sexism, endless changes in systems and organisation....

robin hughes in Lubbock, Texas

59 months ago

Just got back from AECOM please be aware that AECOM does not tell you that if you leave their company they withhold any checks you have comming. I just lost my whole last 2 week paycheck and for us contractors you know how much that was. I even paid for my own flight back to the states.

Just for anyone who is interested, AECOM has only reimbursement insurance, try that on if you need the doctor or labs. Have to try to send in paperwork to Denmark and hope you ever hear back from them.

SmithK in Mobile, Alabama

58 months ago

Hi I'm looking for a job with Aecom. Would someone give me some input on the positions that'll get me in quick. Thanks for your help!

R. Mysterio in Mississauga, Ontario

39 months ago

PEng in Civil Engineering originally.
Went back for electrical, and just finished.
Currently working for a small firm.
Need new challenges. Wondered about Aecom?
Thought I would look here.
Haven't seen any current posts or comments.
Open to advice.

Another jobless slob in Rancho Santa Margarita, California

3 months ago

I swear, I've applied for dozens of archaeology jobs with AECOM, and I've never gotten anything but that stupid form rejection via email. I don't know what's going on, and they're sure as hell not telling me, so if anyone has any input on how to actually get a job with them, that would be helpful.

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