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ellebean in Upstate, New York

40 months ago

I was wondering if anyone knows the dress code specifics for AT&T, training and beyond. I am particularly curious about hair. I am African American, and I want to put extensions (braids) in, but I know some companies have issues with that. Does AT&T, or do they not care about hair as long as it's well kept and a natural color?

Also, I know that nose piercings aren't allowed, but is there leeway on that, or do I need to get a retainer so it isn't visible on the job? I just got it pierced a month ago, so taking it out isn't really an option.


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tryingintexas in Houston, Texas

40 months ago

I assume it has to do with what you are hired for. I have walked in an AT&T retail store and saw associates with all kinds of piercings and hair colors. They may have not had that when they interviewed, and asked the store manager if it were okay AFTER they were hired. Depends on your area and job function as to whether it counts. In the end you have to ask yourself if you want the piercing or the job. Take it out for a few hours and interview (if you are selected) and once an offer is extended, then ask. If they say no, take it out and WORK! If not put in the retainer anyway and work your way from that point.

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ellebean in New York

40 months ago

I was hired as a retail sales consultant. I think for training I'll probably put a retainer in since that is done by corporate, and then I'll ask my store manager what he thinks since I know how retail goes -- corporate says one thing, and in reality in the store, it can be a whole different situation. I once worked somewhere that didn't allow facial piercings (per corporate's dress code), but many people had nose rings and a few eyebrow piercings as well because the manager didn't care.

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