AT&T and hiring process for applicants who've recieved speeding ticket --living in California

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cheeks in Redwood City, California

45 months ago

AT&T and Speeding tickets - do we need to disclose on application if living and applying for job in California. Was unclear on application if answering this question was required to answer. Position is for a sales support rep.
Any info would be helpful - thanks.

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Brent in Ypsilanti, Michigan

45 months ago

I know that some states have laws that don't require you to list your speeding tickets, but im not sure if CA is. They asked you about speeding tickets on your application? I wasn't asked about traffic violations until after they had offered the job and were doing a background check... I had 5 in the last three years and it wasnt a big deal, still got the job.

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Vee in El Cerrito, California

45 months ago

On the application itself you DO have to put whether or not you received any speeding tickets. It won't ask how many but will normally ask for a short description like speeding or no seatbelt.

After your interview you will receive a phone call for a job offer if you're accepted. Here in CA, you must fill out a background check and at that point you must write ALLLL THE TICKETS you had. After your info will be submited and compared to your personal background records (including work history). I had a pretty high number of moving violations and when filling out you have to write the EXACT date it was issued, date resolved, county, and description. Any flaws can be counted against you, you can get this info from the DMV or from someone you know that works in law inforcment.

Like I said before, I had more then a couple tickets but was still hired. Just DON'T HIDE ANYTHING!!!! Hope this helped =)

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