term position at ATT

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cdfv in Oakland, California

25 months ago

I am considering a splicing technician position at ATT. The position is a term position that will last from year to three years. It concerns me that this is a term position rather than permanent. I asked if there would generally be other openings after the term is over the the recruiter said he had no way of knowing. How does this generally work at ATT, are you just out of a job when the term is over or do they hire you again if you are in good standing?

hickpop in Newton, New Jersey

25 months ago

They hire temps so they don't have to pay benefits. You can't stay past 3 years due to the union contract.

Jrbury in Magalia, California

24 months ago

hickpop is misinformed. Term positions do receive benefits and they can renew your term also. It is a max of three years but when that's up they can option you for another contract or let you go. It is based on work load as well as your performance. You could be the best C splicer on your crew but if the work load drops off you could be let go too.

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