Federal Pricing Analyst job offer with Accenture in DC office or Budget Analyst job with State of VA

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Scott in Glen Allen, Virginia

75 months ago

I have been offered two job offers recently and would like some opinions on which one I should consider more. The first job is a state government job of VA and is located in a city where I currently live. The second job is with Accenture as an analyst. I am trying to decide if that job security offered by that state job is worth giving up the higher salary of the analyst job. They are both in different areas of business, the state job being a budget analyst, and the Accenture job being a federal contract pricing analyst. My background is in finance, fraud, and accounting. If anyone has any advice for me on this decision I would really appreciate it. Lower pay and potential job security vs higher pay. Would Accenture provide me with more opportunities in the long term that would make it worth it or does anyone have any experience working for the state government?
Additional Details
Each job would take my career in a different career path one more toward contracting and the other towards budgeting. Both of the jobs appear to be pretty stable but both provide opportunities. Just not sure if working for the state would provide with the same network and opportunities as the contracting firm. The pay for the contracting job is about 10k more but is also in the DC area which might provide more opportunities down the line but I have never worked for the state and unfamiliar with their culture and what opportunities that it might provide. I guess what I am asking is what is it like working for Accenture in the Federal non consulting sector?

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