I don't know what you all are bitching about...

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tinkerbella in Minneapolis, Minnesota

105 months ago

Di in Wilmington, Ohio said: curious, do they charge any fees for locating this position for you?

There were no fees at all.

Most of the complaints in this section seems true but then again, I have my own personal experience with them and they were great to me so it just came off as a bit weird.

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Employee in Fairfield, Ohio

105 months ago

Yikes. I've been with Adecco for less than a year, but too long to give them any more shots. I work with a major company, yet I am bothered daily at how much I dislike being an Adecco employee. I needed a job fast. I would have definitely taken the time to become a direct hire if I didn't NEED the job - ANYWHERE! Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

I have already complained to upper management about the difficulties I have had with benefits, management, pay(or lack thereof), even down to their EMAIL doesn't seem to work right, but it doesn't seem like anything has or will ever be done about any of my issues. You are another # to them. Another Bill Rate -Pay Rate = Profit. So depressing, so deflating.

Daily life as an employee isn't all that bad, but the big picture really blows. The benefits are atrocious and the pay is far below what I am worth. Due to my education and background in HR, this situation makes it all even worse.

Needless to say I am looking for a new position.

At all costs, look for a direct hire position.

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rob4java in Calgary, Alberta

103 months ago

Adecco is poor in the extreme.. temp agencies can be beneficial but the exception is with Adecco.
My Canadian experience.
I was recently let go from Adecco because I was "unhappy with my job", yeah.. so a legal matter with be followed.. anyways.. I was working with a company to build electronics that contracted Adecco to find them builders. I was there a few months.. everyone of the buiders hates Adecco, they lied to us about raises, missed paying for holidays, they underpay us and get this, Adecco specifically doesn't allow this electronics company to hire us directly... get that!
So if we want to build, we have to be employed by Adecco forever!
In the beginning there was 31, then down to 20, Adecco said then that there weren't going to be any more layoffs, then more cuts were made, then down to 12, and finally me, down to 11. Right now about 90 percent of the Adecco employed people there are currently looking for other work, and they all said that they would never work with Adecco again.

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bkevin007 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

92 months ago


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Killroy1999 in Cupertino, California

44 months ago

Adecco lost a job for me during the negotiation process.

I was working with a Google for a about 7 months and they were having a hard time hiring me full time as well as a lot of other candidates. I offered to go the contracting and suggested a small contracting firm that was already Google approved. They decided to go with Adecco, so I did the research and I was shocked at how bad the review are.

I decided to grin and bear it and after about 2 months I got a really low offer for myself.
The offer would of been great for a full time position, but when I did the numbers on the lack of benefits, I determined that I needed a rate that was 30% higher than a direct hire rate with benefits. Some advice is to double your rate on shot assignments to cover your overhead of looking for another job. I asked for that number and the original offer was taken back and I did not get any job. The situation is so peculiar that the only explanation is that Adecco messed it up. My guess is that Adecco has is marking up my rate by 40%-50% and by the time Google sees the rate its a ridiculous amount.

Adecco is also horrible with the paperwork. They gave me bad instructions, so I had to fill out paperwork twice. Then the sent me the same forms to sign twice and a lot of the information was redundant. I spent a whole day on the paperwork and I was not even done. I'll never work with Adecco again.

Does anyone know what cut Adecco takes?

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CrunchyCookie in Palo Alto, California

42 months ago

One time I took a peek at an Adecco staffer's screen and saw the number 39% for markup/profit margin. Another time I was at Manpower (possibly the worst of them all) and saw that they were charging the client $20 for my $13/hour job -- a 54% margin.
If true, that would still make these guys less greedy than some firms; other posters around these Indeed forums have mentioned numbers like 60-70% for Robert Half (which should extend to its subsidiaries like OfficeTeam, Accountemps, and The Creative Group).
I don't think it's always a percentage basis, though. Yet another time I was sitting next to a temp staffer while he was looking through a list of positions with pay rates for client and customer, and for jobs in the $40-50 range, there seemed to be a consistent margin of ~$10 (assuming I was reading the screen correctly).
Anyone else have insights on rates/margins?

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AdeccoSUX in Hickory, North Carolina

24 months ago

Since I have started with them I have been micro managed and under paid. There staff sucks, payroll department sucks, the way to log in your hours is always messing up and they are very disrespectful. They keep you on a short leash and you better not miss any days. The messed up my pay moved me to a senior position and gave me a raise. Then said it was a pay discrepancy bumped me back down to my starting pay after three months of "discrepancies" which was authorized every week by there staff. Now they are docking my pay and deducting it from my already lousy paychecks. Do not work for Adecco they are cheats. Tinkerbella must just have a high school diploma and is stoked about making 11 an hour. Everyone I know working for them is stressed out and hates their job and I will never ever ever ever get employment from them. Your better off starting a career with Mcdonalds. Super unprofessional.

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