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Jason in Winter Park, Florida

71 months ago

I just applied for a job with ASIG and was just wondering how long it usually takes for them to contact applicants for an interview?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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khban97 in Chicago, Illinois

59 months ago

Asig has interviewed me twice in 1year for pass agent. They will not call me back.i have great airline experience I don't understand they like my resume and attitude but apparently not my face. I'm giving up I will not apply for them again.

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thedjfish in Chicago, Illinois

47 months ago

asig usually calls an accepted applicant with 24hrs, they look at your resume, and backgrounds intensely, so if you have applied 2 times in 1yr, then why have they have not called you? did you miss the first call? do you have issues in your background? those would be the reasons why they wont call,
i have heard this from other employees saying the same thing, i but i also have found that when you have a cheap phone service calls dont go thru, or when asig calls it gives youe the old" the number you have reached", and yes i have done this witha company phone and heard that message and the person im calling basicly looked like a deer in head lights, thats how you can miss out on a job and or promotion, or overtime

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