Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at

Any advice on striking the right note?

jd in Seattle, Washington

99 months ago

Greg said: The first two rounds of phone interviews are very technical. You will be asked to write *complete* functions and the interview will scrutinize you answer in detail, though, they don't actually compile the source. They will also ask you to describe algorithms to solve problems involving computational complexity, but, at a higher level than coding. Also, there were some algebra questions to assess your level of mathematical skill and some detailed design on server questions.
I have not had the 3rd round of onsite interviews yet.

What position was this for?

Walter in Huntington Beach, California

95 months ago

Have you worked overtime that was unpaid in past jobs?

Walt in Huntington Beach, California

95 months ago

Does anyone work in California and perhaps was not paid overtime? We enforce the California overtime laws at

pjlee in Kent, Washington

70 months ago

I came across a great guide on preparing for amazon interview. In particular, it offers insights into amazon culture, and what kind of characteristics they're looking for. Also, it has 150 practice interview questions. You can check out the guide at

PJ in Bangalore, India

45 months ago

Matthew, your explanation about the journey in amazon is stunning. I am excited to ask you few more questions. I am planning to attend an interview for a process named "TRMS". Can I get more details about the process, job profile, etc? I have tried to dig out some details on the web, but it was no luck.

KVLNarayana Rao in Bangalore, India

41 months ago


Please share the questionnaire to me.

I am appearing for interview for Project Manager software development.


gadgetzmo in Columbia, South Carolina said: Retail Guy,

I had some questions for you. I recently started my interviews at Amazon for the AM position and had a few questions that I wanted to e-mail you regarding the location and team I will be interviewing with. If you can send me an e-mail at, I can follow up with you. Thanks.

Vibs in Fremont, California

27 months ago

Hi Guys,
I had applies for Software developer position at Amazon. I have online assessment exam in 4 days . Any clue what kind of questions would be asked?

Hill in Gaithersburg, Maryland

20 months ago

stephen strange in New York, New York said: Just blew an interview for a software position at IMDB. Asked to write a program over the phone, but in my haste made an error. Tried to correct it after-the-fact via email, but to no avail.

Anyone out there want to comment on how writing a program over the phone is a measure of technical expertise, communication skills, ability to think on the fly, etc? Would be great to hear opinions from both programmers and interviewers.

It isn't. It's absolute horse crap.

mar in Parker, Colorado

19 months ago

Jhon in weehawken, New York said: Dear Vibs,

How are you ? How was your assessment test ? I would really appreciate if you can give me a headstart on type of questions were asked in the test.


Dear Jhon,

How was your online assessment? Anything I should expect? I actually don't know what to expect....


hasan in Tracy, California

11 months ago

I am interviewing for an SR HR assistant position, this will be my second phone interview with the on site manager. Has anyone interviewed for an HR position?

Eliza in Albania

10 months ago

I applied online through Amazon page, and they contacted me right immediately like on that day which was scary for me. I guess they embody truly the culture of moving fast. I got an e-mail with to complete some online test with 13 questions and they were on:
13 questions:
9 Analytical Multiple Choice Questions – focusing on sets, trend analysis, calculus, stats, etc.
1 open ended basic SQL question.
1 open ended normalization question.
1 Multiple Choice English language comprehension question.
1 open ended language question (this part should be 200 – 300 words).
The entire online assessment test was conducted through and it was for 90 min.
Personally I did not go and complete the Quiz within couple of day. I did take my time to prepare and I was right. It is a difficult test. I did use apps like ‘the impossible interview’ and ‘the aptitude interview’ from iTunes app store to prepare. They were a help.

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