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94 months ago

i worked there a couple of years ago. i was only there for a couple of days. in my opinion i really did not like them a as company and the way their training was. the class was just all over the place as far as topics went,not helpful at all. maybe we were just unfortunate as to who our trainer was in the class.

bob11032 in Kansas city, Missouri

93 months ago

I also can say I am working there right now it a back breaking job. It really kinda like doing over the road with hard labor. I mean you go in at 8 and get off around 8 or 9 or evern 10. 5days a week!!! They will fill you full of stuff in the meeting and you will find out the hard way what it realy like.

new prospect in Findlay, Ohio

17 months ago

I applied to ad in paper but after initial texts and emails, learned it was an 'at home' office position. I'm still interested, but want to make sure this is legit. Can someone from Apria please verify before I let someone come to my home to set up equip please?

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