How to get a job at Blockbuster.

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Do you work at Blockbuster? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

applicant in Chico, California

100 months ago

I am begining to think that this company is having difficulties. I have strong credentials that are highly competetive however I can't get the time of day from them. I have met a few of the District Managers in two areas. After my conversations I have concluded that a strong history is NOT what they want. In my research I have seen stores and managers that struggle over basics and hold themselves above customers and the services they are supposed to provide. I would have to conclude that NO response from a favor.

R U Kidding? in Silver Spring, Maryland

100 months ago

Ok, Blockbuster is a joke. I have a 25 year background in retail and multi-unit management experience. I would have drove thier business through the roof! HOWEVER since I said a word they didnt like during the interview for a DM position, I was rejected. A slang word for "crazy" while describing an employee corrective action. They can not expect the candidates that they interview to be ready made and speak "Blockbusternese". They nned to open thier eyes. Look for attitudes not verbiage!!!! Another guy got cut because he took notes at the wrong time?? That's like saying "every question is a dumb one". Anyway thier loss. PS. funny when you see the standard of the current employees!!!!! Blessing for me!

kyle barrett in Seattle, Washington

98 months ago

geting a job

exemployee in Carmel, New York

89 months ago

For the love of all that is holy pls dont get a job in the black hole that is Blockbuster.

James W White in Tomball, Texas

61 months ago

what are they doing to get the illeagles out of this country?

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