R&D Intern Engineer Boston Scientific

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Toufik in Paris, France

88 months ago

Hi everyone,

I am french engineer student in one of the most reknowned engineering school in France (such as Polytechnique).

I am searching for an intern position for this summer, basically it deals with a 3 months placement (I graduate twice : biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering and I am finishing my master degree in mechanical engineering with a particular specialization in biomechanics).

Please anyone can help me ?

Thank you all for your time.

chinda prou in Boston, Massachusetts

88 months ago

I can give you one of the recruiter she can help you out , her name is marybeth

her phone # 781-251 -8445 or visit www.tacworldwide.com

Toufik in Paris, France

88 months ago

Thank you for your help.

I try to call but she's abscent until march 11th.
So I call her colleague (781 251 8670).

And she related me that as I don't live in the Massachusset (I live in Paris now) this may be not the right place that could help me. Indeed, they may need me for an interview for example...

Moreover, she told me that, for a summer work, I have to wait until the summer, and to prepare my demand of visa (because I am french and I am not an US resident) I'll need this position to be confirm sooner.

So thank you again for your help. And could you tell me what I have to do ?
Does anyone know some recruiter at Boston Scientic or at any biomechanics industry that would need an R&D intern for this summer ?

Thank you again for your response.

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