What was your experience with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta? Did you have an interview? What kind of questions did they ask?

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heather-b in Stone Mountain, Georgia

110 months ago

This was by far the worst interview of my life. I was interviewd by a 3-person panel and one had all of the enthusiasm of a holly bush. He even checked his watch. The questions were all textbook and required an example of each (i.e., tell me about a time when you missed a deadline and what was the outcome of that). They periscope for weaknesses rather than strengths.
Also, I took an editing/writing assessment and instead of not calling me like any normal business would, they had a recruiter call and tell me my assessment was not up to snuff. And you're telling me this why?
Also, this same recruiter called me for another job opportunity two months later and then realized who I was and made an excuse to get off the phone.

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JMB in Atlanta, Georgia

109 months ago

I found the interview at Children's Healthcare very impersonal. The questions are canned and the interviewers did not once look up from their papers. They took notes while I was talking and did not attempt to get to know me as a candidate. The writing test is at about a 5th grade level yet I was told my results were average. My question to CHOA: if you do not want average answers from your prospective employees, why are you asking average questions? I was somewhat relieved they did not ask me to return for a 2nd interview. I'm not an average writer and I will take my above-average experience and skills elsewhere.

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ikia in Georgia

45 months ago

I was interviewed by the manager and another employee. They would go back and forth. The manager pretty much asked me questions off of my resume pointers. While the other employee asked standard interview questions. It seemed really laid back, she was very interactive and would ask me follow up questions based upon my answers. It felt pretty comfortable. It was slightly different than the other interviews I've had. I believe that was mostly due to the manager's personality and the nature of work they do. I was just thankful for the interview considering I've applied to at least a dozen jobs at CHOA.

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Optimistic 01 in Covington, Georgia

27 months ago

Today I interviewed for a Phlebotomy position at Choa. This was my third step/ interview. I first did a video interview then a week and a half later received a call to come in for an assessment which was a ten question test, an explanation about the position and a few questions about my background.If you pass the assessment you get offered a third interview, which I did. The third interview was a panel of 3 ppl consisting of the lab supervisor from Scottish Rite & Egleston and the Supervisor of the dept of HR.The questions were based off of failures, problems and errors in my past work history. I couldn't think of many that stood out so this was hard for me. I'm not a person who focuses on weaknesses but instead I focus on improving my strengths so I'm not sure if I will get a call being that it seem as if they was looking for someone who ran into many difficulties prior to choa. Other than that the ladies were nice, great personalities and a friendly environment. Hope this helps prepare anyone who is interested.

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Nala in Lilburn, Georgia

27 months ago

Optimistics 01
Where did you go to obtain your Phlebotomy certification? I'm in the process now and just want to get advice.

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