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pam in Falcon, North Carolina

93 months ago

can some one tell me is it hard to get on with dollar general. and tell me what the going pay is to mgr. one of there stores?????????????????????????????


91 months ago

The best way to get on, is when you see a sign that there is a new store opening. It takes 7 days to set up a store from the ground up. When you see the sign, go and get an application, they hire almost everyone this way.
Starting pay for a manager in my neck of the woods was 650.oo a week. If crisis management is your bag, you'll love this company.

leepat in Montrose, Colorado

91 months ago

Wish I lived where you do! I had to start about $100 a week less than that.

DGDM in Waycross, Georgia

91 months ago

It is not hard at all to get on with DG. If you are alive, can mumble and have some mobility- You're hired! Oh, for 7 bucks an hour- you have to be able to pass a drug test and background check. Good Luck with your future!

Royce3371 in Grayville, Illinois

73 months ago

leepat in Montrose, Colorado said: Wish I lived where you do! I had to start about $100 a week less than that.

NOT trying to be a smart @$$ but you didn't HAVE to take a job that pays so little. You could wait tables and make more than that. That being said, no one put a gun to your head.......I know I wouldn't accept a low paying mgt position like that

jared driskill in Richmond, Virginia

73 months ago

let's not mention the personality/profile test that you have to take that no one ever seemed to pass

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