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Denton in Denton, Texas

73 months ago

That is complete crap! Mgmt is worked a million times harder than associates and SM's are working MUCHO hours to meet those same expectations. When you start asking people to screw up the jobs of all those other people who depend on DG you cross the line and should just stop posting.

Honestly.... If you or anyone else feels that bad about DG then just find another job or choose not to shop there. I agree that things are not awesome when it comes to the penny pinching that goes on but really...?

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DG is Craptacular in Ding Dong, Texas

72 months ago

I'm back.

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DG is Craptacular in Ding Dong, Texas

71 months ago

You might think you're worked a "million" times harder, But you're also paid a million times more. If you have to work

MUCHO hours, Then you must not be doing a good job of management, 'cause you should be able to do it in 40-48 hrs. If

you had paid attention to my post, it did not call for mere random screwing up of others jobs. Nor did it have

anything to do with penny-pinching. It was for those who have been SCREWED by DG as a means to stand up and return the

favor. I've seen a LOT of postings on this site and others, where peon hourly employees are treated with indignity,

like we are crap. Ain't nothing like having full time hours for a LONG time, so you know what you can afford (car

payments, rent, electric, cable, etc.). New mgmt arrives, they have their favorites (who by the way usually SUCK when

it comes to job performance) who now get 40 hours a week, while you are now lucky to get 10 hours. How are you

supposed to survive on that? Oh yeah, those 10 hrs. are gonna be all over the map, 'cause that's where the "Matrix"

has you THIS week. Try getting a second job to cover the 30 hrs. you lost from brown-nosers and a$$ kissers, when your

lucky if your schedule at DG probably won't be out 'till Friday. How's another employer supposed to put you on a

schedule? Besides that, we may only be giving you 10 hrs., but DG comes FIRST. DM don't want to hear it, SM can run

their store how they see fit. Besides that, now you've gone over SM's head, which usually invokes their wrath, and

those few hours that you do get, will be HELL. Or how about 50/50/50 being implemented (50+ transactions/+ or - 50

cents/50%+ of your shifts on register)? Say you're scheduled 5 days this week. your first shift your over 51 cents.

Your other 4 days, mgmt. decides to take you off the register and have you help throw freight.

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DG is Craptacular in Ding Dong, Texas

71 months ago

At the end of the week,

100% of your shifts are now + or - 50 cents, and you now receive counseling. Couple more of those, and your out the
door, unable to receive unemployment because they got rid of you for stealing, and good luck finding another job
because of that. If mgmt. wants to get rid of you, they can SCREW you, in order to do it. I've seen this happen. My point was, if you yank my chain, be prepared. I will do my best to help YOUR store go down the toilet, which as SM
will be your a$$ too. Hey, maybe we can carpool together to unemployment? All I'm saying is if mgmt doesn't treat you
as a person, and with dignity,or corporate pencil-pushers have absolute unrealistic expectations of you, YOU CAN MAKE
A STAND as a mere peon. If I feel that bad about getting treated like crap, why should I curl up and go find another
job? In the end, I just might have to. But if I have anything to do with it, mgmt will too. Ain't payback a beyotch? And since there are about 15 employment related forums with DG sections that I know of, good luck silencing me on all of them. My ideas will get out.

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Denton in Yo momma, Tennessee

71 months ago

I will agree with you about hours. It doesn't make sense that only mgmt can be classified as full time. I would much rather have a dedicated crew of 5 than a not too worried crew of 10. And about the amount of hours I work. I am in one of the best districts around and was put in charge of the biggest and worst store. I invest those hours into the store because I choose to in order to bring it to standards quickly.

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70 months ago

Tired of being treated unfairly? File a complaint at the American Complaint Center @ americancomplaintcenter.invisionzone.com/

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Rosy in Whiteville, North Carolina

58 months ago

DG treats their employee's unfair. They give you the hours they want, does not have anything to do with Matrix smh...
one cashier gets 32 hours a week!!!! the other 2 get between 5 and 15 hours... that totally sucks, if the manager does like you, you get your hours, if they dont like you, you wont get hours.

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41r_r41d in Interwebz, Tennessee

40 months ago


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