3rd Key Duties/ASM Duties

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HeckiesWife in Guntersville, Alabama

25 months ago

I work at a location that has no manager, and when the manager was present she wasn't present ya know. Out of the one month I have worked for them thus far I seen her during my interview and that was it no more after that. I was suppose to be trained by her upon first getting hired for either of the 2 positions but she never did, now she is no longer with the company and I am up for the promotion and haven't had the training! I have held Management positions before but not in retail. From previous jobs I already know how to do most of what the job intells but I need to know the DG way it is suppose to be done, each company has it's own way of working. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PTKSue in Rosiclare, Illinois

25 months ago

Hopefully you have a reliable District Manager; speak with him/her about your concerns.

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