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synB in Columbus, Ohio

86 months ago

you have to be half dead to be considered sick.

synB in Columbus, Ohio

86 months ago

i worked at a retail store for 12 years.i of course,had my good and bad days. many times i went home in tears,but they didnt let me go,just because i had a bad day. however when i started at this dg,im let go,well not really let go. i was put on suspension,till the dm came in to talk to me,that never happened. so i was never officially terminated or anything. i like to know what i can do about this. any suggestions?

Royce3371 in Grayville, Illinois

73 months ago

If you have a doctors excuse there's not a thing in the world they can do to you. If they terminate you, you can get unemployment and sue them for wrongful termination

sabrina2008 in Danbury, Texas

72 months ago

I worked at Dollar General for about a month before I quit. During this time, I got reaaaally sick. I called in one day and was off the next two and thought that I would be better by then. I wasn't. So I went to the doctor to get an excuse for the next 2 days. My manager got mad and constantly harrassed me about it after that point. Saying I wasn't really that sick. She couldn't do a da** thing about though, which really ate at her.

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