Networking Group for the Aug 17th Start Date

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ssw825 in Phoenix, Arizona

97 months ago


This discussion is specially designed for new FAs that are starting on August 17th (woo hoo)!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was so excited when the shipment for the laptop and the printer came in a few days ago!

This is how am I preparing for the start date and essentially making a great first impression! Please share yours!

1. Contact the HR rep to get some of my questions answered
2. Set up lunch/dinner meetings with 3 FAs in the area, one being the regional leader
3. Set up an appointment to fill out I-9 and mail it out

How are the rest of you preparing for the start date? Feel free to email me at or post comments, and I would love to network and build a support group as we are about to began the SFS program.

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Fernandezrafael in Sayreville, New Jersey

97 months ago

ssw825, how are you....

I am in the FA interview process with EJ, (just completed the final face to face, after the door knocking activity), I read some of your concerns on a different forum, as you were going through your decision making process..

I am leaving a 90K job with ExxonMobil (been here for 9 years), for EJ.. I believe in the long run, my earnings potential will be greater as a Financial Advisor...

So far, what has your experience been like?... How are you handling training?..

any advice that you can give me?..

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fa85297 in Gilbert, Arizona

94 months ago

ssw825, how's your job going? Want to see where your office is located? I just interviewed w/ Waddell and Reed and Genworth and waiting for their response.

Waddell, is offering very small salary for 1st year and partial commission. Then 2nd year is 100% commission. I'm sure that's pretty common as FA, but to make the 1st year monthly low salary, quota must be met before you get paid. And first month they wants 300 contactable names? How is that possible?

I'm thinking applying to EJ too. Just want to see how you doing. The part about EJ is the repaying $75k if you quit within 3 years. What if I ended up not producing the min and they fired me. Do I still need to repay the $75k.

Please provide me with any advice.


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El Tigre in Washington

60 months ago

SSW & California --

Would you two give us an update on where you are at with your career paths at Edward Jones? By now, I'm hoping you've weathered the first couple years successfully and have built a good foundation for your (Jones') book of business.

Any advice for us who are in the hiring process now?

How many of your respective original classes are still with Edward Jones? Any common factors in the success of those who stayed or common factors for those who left Jones, either voluntarily or otherwise?

El Tigre

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