Dear friends here--Lei from Shanghai having questions and advices to ask for

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lei sheng in Shanghai, China

68 months ago

Dear friends here, I am Sheng-Lei from Shanghai. I have months experience in an financial firm and am very interested in retail finance. Edward Jones is so successful that I believe there are many things to learn from her, like her community strategy.

I am thinking about to do my retail sales here in Shanghai and I might have many questions and advices to ask from you, and some of them might not be smart, hope you don't mind answering. Here I have questions:

1.I heard that ADJ want clients to do long term investment and not frequent trading, and some of them say that there is a 20/80 principle that 80% commissions are from top 20% clients, so how do IRs make commissions if the clients only buy and hold?

2. Are there many branches in downtown? I think people there might be richer, if I choose knocking doors in downtown communities, am I making more commissions there?

Thanks a lot and welcome.

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