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Jeannie in Janesville, Wisconsin

62 months ago

I applied for several jobs on Epic's website last week and received my rejection email today. What are they looking for? I had a great GPA (3.8) and am fantastically qualified for all of the jobs for which I applied. I've noticed in some of these forums that there is a possibility of age preference/discrimination. Is 29 too old for them? Would anybody recommend applying again? I need a job badly and was told this was a great place to work with fantastic pay.

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honestyismypolicy in Madison, Wisconsin

59 months ago

I have worked at Epic for quite some time and am well over 29 years old. I can say that Epic does have a high bar when looking for employees but age is not a factor. We have people of all ages working here and I personally have worked with people directly out of college upto those that are close to retirement. There are a number of younger people here and that is primarily because we are a growing company and college grads are the biggest hiring pool out there. If we relied only on experienced workers we wouldn't be able to find enough.

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dwehrman in Marshfield, Wisconsin

53 months ago


Is there something else they may be looking for? I attended college and have an MBA, in which I maintained a 3.8 out of 4 GPA. I have decent experience, but it is not extensive. Also, I am 24 and a very hard-working individual. Any tips? I have applied and interviewed on the phone a year ago, but haven't had much of a response after that, even though I have applied for several positions. Any feedback would be appreciated.



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