Google Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Google?

Any advice on striking the right note?

chris in Austin, Texas

135 months ago

Learn computer science, programming, and math before you interview at google.


134 months ago

Chris, this is tongue-in-cheek. Tell us something more, what happened during the interview, why you're poking fun, etc. (I already know CS, some programming, and mathematics!) Thanks, Nancy, San Francisco Bay Area

T. in San Mateo, California

134 months ago

Make sure you know your data structures and algorithms backwards and forwards. You must know the big-O notation and the complexity of sorting and searching algorithms. You should be able to answer questions such as "what sort algorithm has the best worst-case runtime and what is its order of complexity". Hint: it ain't quicksort. You should also know the concept of divide-and-conquer and how to apply it to problems.

For Java development, you'll need to know the innards of the VM, garbage collection, etc., along with multi-threading concepts (deadlock, starvation, ThreadLocal, wait/notify, etc.), and servlets.

Don't worry about knowing object-oriented design, design patterns, Ant/Maven, or any of that stuff: most of Google doesn't really care about that stuff and I seem to be the only one who asks those types of questions in interviews.

Ariel in Huntington Woods, Michigan

134 months ago

What sorts of topics are important to be well-versed in for interviews for lower-level positions such as "Book Search Operations Technician?" The position looks like a low-level tech support job, doing support functions that most Google employees could do for themselves if they only had time to... so I imagine hardcore programming ability isn't really applicable. Any hints?

Nancy Wilson

132 months ago

Linus said: Thanks for the reply Nancy.
I had the same thought when
I was informed about the vacancy. However, in India, Google has offices in
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The ones at Mumbai and Delhi are
concentrating on Accounts and Finance while the ones at Hyderabad and Bangalore
are development centres. I tried calling Bangalore and Hyderabad. Unfortunately
the people with whom I spoke informed that they had no knowledge about this
area/field. I'll be trying again on Monday. Today being a Saturday it might
be that there wouldn't be someone from whom I could get a clear answer. Do
you have any other suggestions that I could try?
Hi Linus. I've been thinking about you! I e-mailed a guy who was on contract with Google several years ago. He was in support. This is just some extra info for you. He said:

Yes, I took a series of tests and went through three interviews. They gave me two tests to work on at home that were comprised of mathematical questions to situationals. There was also one more onsite test after the last interview. The selection process is pretty rigorous, and the questions asked in both the interviews and written tests were very creative. The questions on the written tests are geared towards the position you are interviewing for.

The stories you hear about everything at Google are true. Yes, it is an exciting place to work and the people that work there are the best and the brightest. My team consisted of mostly grads from Stanford, so that tells you something about the level of talent that they pursue.

Linus, I hope that this info adds something to your goals! Let me know what happens. Nancy

john doe in San Diego, California

132 months ago

I applied for a job at google and i was able to receive a phone call from them within a day.I am not sure if it is because i live in the west coast. Your resume should have all the key-words for the job requisition for starters.

i did have my first round of google phone interview(test engg position) was okay..they ask you hard-core computer science of the questions i had was based on theory of computation/finite automaton.

i know the really tough questions are going to be in algorithms...bottom should know algorithms from back to front, down to up--basically 360 degrees knowledge..So that is only the basic..

if you dont know algorithms--you can forget about getting into google...i will be reading it up..its been a while..

And the questions they ask--you will not find them in text books or anywhere..:)..

i am going to have my second round of phone interview soon..
good luck for the rest of you folks...


131 months ago

I could not find out the contact numbers for their Bangalore office. can anybody help me out.

Nerd said:
Try calling up Hyderabad office (number should be on the address page in about us page) try reaching the HR team. You can apply online by clicking on add to job cart link. All the best.
Here is the link to the India positions

NYCgal23 in Astoria, New York

131 months ago

Has anyone out there taken the "logic/writing" test for an administrative position?

Anon in San Diego, California

128 months ago

I applied for a software engineer position, got an phone interview. The guy asked algorithm, data structure typed questions. I answered most of it correctly. Some of them were not very specific. So please ask as many questions as possible to understand the question. I got the on-site. I answered all the algorithm, data structure, math type questions correctly. I wrote C-style code [correct code]. That did not go very well. Because a good C code may look like a poor (in style) C++ code. Please dont put anything on your resume if you dont have recent experience, in my case I forgot an scripting language that I worked 5/6 years back.

They called all my referees and it took them a very long time [6 wks?] to decide that they did not have a match for my skills. Please get enough sleep. Most of the questions will be water down version of grad school algorithm class.

Even with all these I am so much impressed by the company.

Ricco in Atlanta, Georgia

127 months ago

Sarfaraz in Karachi, Pakistan said: Dear All,

Did anybody received a telephonic interview call for the position of Network Engineer, - EU Headquarters role Dublin Ireland.
I will highly appreciate if one can explain me little what type of interview questions can I expect from recruiting coordinator for this position in Phone screening and technical test process.
FYI, I am working in one of the ISP of Pakistan as Network Engineer - NOC.

I made it up to the 2nd phone interview for a simular position (Network deployment eng) in the states (Tx, DC area). 1st phone interview consisted of weed-out questions ( what/How is a subnet, number of bytes, How many T1's in OC-48 rings, what kind of shell do u prefer..etc).

After the no brainers, he setup up a 2nd phone interview with a technical guy in charge of the position. Well, this guy knew his stuff, he started grilling me on my skills that i had on my resume such as OC rings configurations, DWDM deployment, Regenerator (ERbium-Dope). He asked about all aspect of optical network deployment. Some AC/DC power stuff that i only remembered from my undergrad classes like why would u use a rectifier in an X-change Office instead of at the power plant. What kinda tools u use to test optical equipments. The interview lasted about 1 hr and i think i did ok.

I have 4 years of Sonet equip support and deployment and currently working in a place that is full politics and trying to move on. He told me at the end that he will refer the result of the interview to HR and they will make a decision to go forward or not. After 5 days, i didn't get any response so i emailed the 1st interviewer and he kindly sent me an email that i was not a good fit. No problem, i keep my head high and it was sure a great experience interviewing at Google. I will propably try in couples of months.

laks in Kansas City, Missouri

126 months ago

Hi. I have finished my first round of interview with google for Software Engineer in Test position. If this forum is still active, then can any one say me what kind of questions or areas could I expect for this position in Software Engineer for Test for a second round of interview which is a tech interview.


Peace in mind in San Jose, California

119 months ago

laks in Kansas City, Missouri said: Hi. I have finished my first round of interview with google for Software Engineer in Test position. If this forum is still active, then can any one say me what kind of questions or areas could I expect for this position in Software Engineer for Test for a second round of interview which is a tech interview.


Can you please let me know what type of questions were asked in the 1st/2nd interviews?

The Impossible Interview app in appstore in Kosovë, Albania

43 months ago

Personally i did use The Impossible Interview App for iOS to learn and prepare for the Google Interview Process, and most of the questions where in the app. For me it was very helpful to see the questions and from then on i prepared my answers in my head so they would be more unique and original. I would say to anyone that applies at Google just stay calm and try to answers all the questions no matter what in your original and unique way.

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