HSBC Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at HSBC?

What do you like best about working at HSBC? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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Peter in Flushing, New York

116 months ago

MBA grad. got 90k + 30% bonus.

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imranch72 in Birmingham, United Kingdom

59 months ago

Does any body know about the Investments Technical Officer salary package?

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Christy in Tipton, United Kingdom

54 months ago

imranch72 in Birmingham, United Kingdom said: Does any body know about the Investments Technical officer salary package?

Salaries are not good at HSBC. I worked at their London HO for 2 years. Terrible company to work for. Don't waste time on this company they don't care about their staff, just targets and pound signs.

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Eleanor in London, United Kingdom

50 months ago

I have been contracting for years and worked at HSBC for 2.5 years. I can honestly say it is the worst company I ever worked for, a real sweatshop with spoilt bratish bankers who just care about money, themselves and no one else. Don't work there, you will really regret it! Choose a better company, there are plenty out there.

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Glen in United Kingdom

47 months ago

I worked at Hsbc for over 6 years, I was forced to leave since they trying to recruit cheaper labour these days!!!, my advise to anyone who wants to move up in banking carrier is, don't, don't join them!!!, they will welcome you with much lower wages than other banks, but they will say that you now work for the biggest bank and the good should be proud of it! That's why they never advertise wages when they recruit!!!!!! They will use you, and when they don't need you anymore they will give you hard time, so you can leave!, I have spoken to colleagues who have been there for all their life almost, 9 out of 10 advised me to leave while I'm young!, they were all right! Life is much happier now.

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mika098 in United Kingdom

45 months ago

Anon in Roehampton, United Kingdom said: I worked at HSBC for 6 1/2 years in their IT department. The salary was OK (starting £25000, by the time I left, £36750) and in the last couple of years I was there, the bonuses were quite good (£5550 last year). I also found the working environment generally good (the usual stupid rules and bankers aren't the easiest to deal with but generally good).
However, the UK benefits are rubbish (holiday club, standard gym membership offers, money off expensive bank accounts I wouldn't want to take out in the first place). I work for BT now and their benefits are a lot more practical (discounts on BT prducts, discount on high street stores including music, books, supermarkets, computers, TVs, etc.). Salary's better too.
They also handle redundancies appallingly. I was lucky to jump before I was pushed but the bullying by HR into forcing people into positions they didn't want or low redundancy packages was terrifying to a lot of people. Getting people to train overseas workers, then making them redundant because their work wasn't up to scratch, stating that women would get pregnant if they'd just gotten married as an excuse (6 months after making employees go on mandatory diversity training), trying to get review grades down so there was an excuse to let people go. I enjoyed working at HSBC for 5 years but couldn't bear to see how they managed the 'restructure'.

the £25000 salary was paid monthly or per year? Thank you!!

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