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d1141 in Lawrence, Kansas

74 months ago

I want to say something to all of the Negative people bashing HD. For my part, I can only say they have been wonderful to work for. I was with them for less then two months, when I had to have a "surprise" surgery. At the time I was hired on only as a temp. They owed me nothing....And yet, WHILE I was in the hospital, they changed my status to part time.
After I was released, they waited patiently on me to recover. Not one person pressured, bothered or gave me a hard time in the least for my SEVEN week absense! I have only been back a matter of a few weeks and have been moved to FULL time....
While I was away, there Homer fund paid my rent for TWO months AND helped with my utilaties. Yes being out of work for all that time was very hard. In fact due to several factors, I lost my car. But I can say that Home Depot was my saving grace through all of this... To all of you out there who have wonderfull managment and a FANTASTIC department manager whom you work for, why are't you speaking up? I am so greatful to have a job, and extra greatful that I get to work around very nice people every working day. If you hate it that bad... LEAVE. Ask to transfer to another dept, store or just find a new job... Maybe there are stores out there that are not that nice to work for, but I doubt they have you hog tied! Get out and be happy with job you like. To my fellow HAPPY co-workers. Speak up!!!!! Stop reading all this garbage and let everyone know that Home Depot can be a wonderful place to be! If the only time you take to respond to a blog, is when you get on a dumb negative blog, what does that say about you? YES, I to need to make more money...badly.... but I believe that if I continue to work hard and I keep on CHOOSING to stay positve, well, good things will happen to me here in Lawrence KS

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retiredhd in hoffman estates, Illinois

74 months ago

I am a positive person but I did leave and find it hard to believe any of your story! Somebody must be into you or you into them because I will tell you, in my 5 years of employment at the home deephole, the only good deeds were with relationship type end runs around existing rules. It was not the benevolent good deeds of the home deephole, it was who you knew or who you bl-w.

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Bella_C in Springfield, Massachusetts

70 months ago

I like my job at HD because they are fair. If u do ur job then you will be happy, goof off and u will be called on it sorry.

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