Home Depot Drama Springfield MA

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Bella_C in Springfield, Massachusetts

54 months ago

I work at HD and love my job. It is a great store. Why is it that those of us that are happy usually end up being dragged down by all of the inner drama of other sticking their noses in our business. Ever notice when ur working hard and doing what ur sopose to the spoilers try to ruin your day?? I think everyone should mind their own business at work and just do their jobs. Jealousy does not help. Cat fights and jealous workers can be a drag? Why why why can't u all just MYOB?

Kati_ in Douglas, Massachusetts

53 months ago

Sorry to disagree with you about minding our business. Your personal life shouldn't be brought into work in the first place. Once you cross that line unfortunately for us we are all stuck in your business. Just leave the drama out of work and then we can all do our jobs without your distractions, such as hanging on the married men!

tmb63 in Oakdale, California

48 months ago

Wow ladies, you need to air your dirty laundry somewhere other than a public forum... do you really think your managers don't read this??? Grow up

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