Should I call HR

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JD in Long Beach, California

61 months ago

Do yourself a favor and look for a more honest company to work for. I spent 14 1/2 years with Home Depot. I have seen them treat hundreds , if not thousands of people the same exact way. They preach doing the right thing and taking care of their people. If you think they care about anything but the almighty dollar your absolutely lying to yourself. During my early years with the company back in '96 it was a great place to work and you were well compensated for hard work. Even then though, it was a good ole boys club. If you were liked by management you could do as you pleased but get on a managers wrong side and you better look for a transfer before you found yourself out the door. These days under Lord Blake and his trusty side kick Marvin it's all about profit margin, regardless of what the employees want or who gets mistreated along the way. HR or what's left of them are a joke. They are moles looking to rid the company of anybody who speaks out against orange law. The once great company I used to love is a shell of it's former self and it's all because they quit treating their beloved front line soldiers (associates) like family long ago. They're philosophy has shifted into quantity over quality. Who cares if you walk into HD and are bombarded with greetings from 150 aprons if only 5 of them have the knowledge or desire to help you? It sickens me to see the level of incompetence within the stores these days. I may sound like a disgruntled former employee but remember I have a HUGE amount of stock in this company and the future of HD looks bleaker and bleaker by the year. You could once make a career working for the Depot but now it's not much better than working fast food or a video store.

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SA in Beaumont, Texas

24 months ago

I totally agree with you as the days go by I become more and more disappointed.

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