IBM Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at IBM?

Any advice on striking the right note?

Mike in Chester, New York

102 months ago

This is very area and manager defendant. Research will expect a seminar and will talk to you for a day or more.

Software interviews expect questions about software architectures, certifications, design patterns and what you have done.

Generally they seem to want people who want the job so show enthusiasm
Poughkeepsie is a fairly professional environment but has gone through downsizing in 2006 so they might be picky

Filter in Fort Lee, New Jersey

100 months ago

Does anyone know if there are any entry level postions for Software Developer at IBM in New York area?

ex-IBMer in Lancaster, California

93 months ago

The one question you are certain to be asked is going to somehow relate to travel such as "Would you be willing to relocate?". They will ask this question even if the job you are applying for is local. IBM expects people to be willing to change and adapt in many ways and a negative answer on this question will hurt your chances. Most "long time" IBMers I know have changed assignments and work locations many times and that is what IBM likes. If you do not want to travel or relocate then you might want to consider another company to work for.

They also like self-starters on education as they have a great deal of online training programs for employees and they want you to use them aggressively. Some local managers will give you time to do this but most will tell you self-development is an option so do it on your own time. None the less they want you to do lots of self-development because expanded skill sets = expanded placement potential if they need you somewhere else. If you do not want to be constantly taking online classes off the clock then you might want to consider another company to work for.

Lissie in Chandler, Arizona

93 months ago

Thank you, ex-IBMer :) The tips are very helpful.

Viraj Patel in Columbia, Maryland

87 months ago


I am going to have 1st phone call from IBM for SAP Time Consultant, full time, can u tell me wat they wud ask in 1st phone call n wat wud be next round then?

Pls guide me as ur guidance is very helpful.

Many Thanks,

sarah in Brooklyn, New York

21 months ago

I am going to have 1st phone interview from IBM for Entry level safety engineer, full time. can you tell me what the interview process is. what would they ask for the first phone call?

allicks Cap in Delaware

15 months ago

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