How to get a job at IKEA.

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Do you work at IKEA? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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Dennis in Orlando, Florida

111 months ago

My experience with IKEA was less than stellar. Recently applied for a creative job at the new store to open in Orlando. After asking for my portfolio, I felt like I was strung along until someone else was hired. Never did get that interview even though it was promised. Also, the website hiring interface was clunky and hard to use. My two cents.

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amalia in Charlotte, North Carolina

99 months ago

Does anyone know of a phone # to contact if you've applied for a store? There is one opening up here in Charlotte, NC and I can't find a way to contact the human resource department since technically the store will not be open until Spring 2009.

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Mr Derek in Montebello, California

92 months ago

i have a phone interview tomorrow with a rep. from ikea, what will they ask?

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eleree in Cincinnati, Ohio

86 months ago

Months after applying for a position, I was contacted for a phone interview. They asked simple questions such as my work history, availability and desired pay. This was for a part time position(less than 20 hours) in the Swedish Food Market which paid 9.15 an hour. I was told the store would contact me if they were interested. I didnt receive another call for about a month or two, but the store manager contacted me to set up a interview. At the interview I wasnt really asked typical interview questions such as why i chose ikea, they were more like: tell me about a situation where you went above and beyond, tell me about a time where you paid attention to detail, tell me a situation where you helped to save your last company money. They also asked what I knew about Ikea as a company and their products. About three weeks later I received a call to set up a second interview, which actually just ended up with me going in and them offering me the job. There was an immediate drug test, and I was given my schedule for the next three weeks. Once your hired you go through two days of "Before the Floor" training which is a store tour and learning about the company.

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IKEA in Orlando, Florida

51 months ago

IKEA Orlando
4092 Eastgate Drive
Orlando, FL 32839

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HoustonJudy in Waxhaw, North Carolina

41 months ago

Iam interested in working here. My brotherin law works here. He is a good employee. His name is Ernest Matthews please talk to hoim about me. I should probably get a goof reference. Thank you Judy Houston.

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Racahel in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

38 months ago

I also applied at Ikea but in Coquitlam British Columbia.I was contacted, went to the group interview and then when it came to contacting me for the second interview with in the week i never was.I have recently looked into the Job postings to see if the job was still open to apply and i was shocked to see that it was closed. I found myself wondering If i was missed, when i went to look for an contact number I couldn't even find my store location on the website. I understand that people get busy and that sometimes it takes longer but if they want me to show and interest how am i to contact them if their information is not available?

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Portland IKEA in Beaverton, Oregon

33 months ago

I would like to work at one of my favorite places, but I keep getting rejection notices each time I apply (eight times). I meet the necessary qualification for experience. Did I not answer the assessment questions right? I did call and speak to the person at the bottom of the notice, but was told that I should never have called and that they don't take "personal calls". Any ideas would help. Dave.

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chaker ben hichri in Doha, Qatar

29 months ago

i am looking for job

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